Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thinking about the robbery

Someone wrote me that her daughter's house was broken into, and she lost her college grad ring. That reminded me that I forgot about my St. Mary's ring. Another thing to add to the list.

Truly, it's all stuff, sentimental, some valuable. I wish I had protected the valuable more rather than have them mixed in with all the costume jewelry. But what value is it really if I only have it sitting around in drawers? Granted, I wore the rings until I lost enough weight that they didn't fit any fingers comfortably anymore. I planned to have them resized when I met my goal. My birthstone is Alexandrite. Alexandrites aren't being mined anymore (or so I've been told), and they are extremely expensive to buy. I really am upset that they are gone. My Alexandrite rings were some of the most valuable pieces of jewelry lost. My pieces were old, and I miss them the most. 

My mom gave us charm bracelets when we were in our early teens. One was sterling silver, filled with states that they visited, and the other was 14k gold with charms that matched our life activities.

My mom had some beautiful jewelry, but after she died, my ex-step-bitch-mother took it all. It hurt my Dad so much that she wouldn't let go once she had her grubby mitts on them because he wanted my sister and I to have it all. Everyone thinks I should fight her for them. I hope she chokes on them.

I'm still me without the stuff -- maybe even better. It's a sort of purging that I didn't plan. I don't have any photos of my jewelry, so it's my word about what I had and lost. The only jewelry I have left besides the costume jewelry necklaces (still hanging in my closet) is my 30-year gift watch from SwRI, and my 14k gold shrimp earrings my Mom gave me the Christmas before she died. My daughter offered to give me 90% of her jewelry because she doesn't wear most of it. I'm actually thinking of getting rid of the necklaces I still have and replacing it all with some key, awesome pieces instead.

Yes, I have an alarm, and once I call the alarm company Monday to get a refresher about how to set it, I'll start using it again. I've become so comfortable in my home that I didn't feel the need to use it. Well, was I wrong!

My deductible is pretty high, and the insurance agent didn't talk to me about replacing anything yet, so I guess I'll wait until Monday to find out what happens next. 

I may have to move a TV into the living room so I can record all the Christmas movies that Hallmark is running now. I love Hallmark. That's about all I watch lately besides the news, Wheel of Fortune and NCIS. There are only a couple of HGTV shows that I like -- Property Brothers and Income Property. Even with this limited list of TV enjoyment, I manage to waste a lot of time watching TV. Maybe this was a message from God to get a life.

Someone suggested I look at Craigs List. I didn't think about Craigs List. I was thinking pawn shops. 

I did call my friend to ask him if his uncle or cousin were capable of doing something like this. He said they don't even have a car. 

It had to be planned. Whoever did it was able to "kick" the door about 4-feet high. That's really too high for someone to use their foot. The door was so violently pushed in that I don't think it could have been a foot. It was more like a battering ram or something designed for this sort of task.

The thought that they'll be back in about 2-3 weeks to get the replacements frightens me. I'll surprise them with a new door and alarm, and no new TV!

Thank you so much for your healing thoughts. So far the replies haven't called me an idiot for not having an alarm, but once you find out I did and didn't use it, you may. I definitely feel like one. But I've been so comfortable here that I felt safe.

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