Thursday, January 9, 2014

Find the why . . .

I’m listening to a CD of Darren Hardy (publisher of Success Magazine) “channeling” Jim Rohn (considered America’s Foremost Business Philosopher who died December 2009) to talk to him about some of his lessons. Jim wasn’t the first personal development teacher, but he was one of the most recorded, and many successful, very wealthy people considered him their mentor, even though some of them never actually met him in person.

One of his lessons was finding the why of your goals. Why do I want to lose weight, why do I want to retire wealthy, why do I want to . . . Once you have the why, find a how, and the why will help fuel the how.

Darren told of a lady who was overweight and wishing she could run a half marathon like her friend. Darren told her she could, and he suggested baby steps. It took her 7 months to run the first mile, but she didn’t stress out over it or hurt herself trying. She started small – first day – map out a mile. First week – walk the mile 3 times. 2nd & 3rd weeks walk the mile 3 times a week. 4th week, run until she was winded, then stop and walk the rest, until she could run the whole mile. It took her almost 2 months to run that first mile. Then, each day, she added 1/8 mile to the distance she ran (300 steps).  In 9 months, she ran a whole half marathon distance. Now she runs full marathons.

That was the how – her why – her class reunion was coming up, and she wanted to look good.

One of the things Jim said over and over (I’ve listened to his tapes thousands of times) is shoot to reach your goal. Do what it takes. Your reward isn’t only in reaching the goal, it’s in who you become while working to reach the goal.

If I think about the half marathon in the way Darren broke it down, it seems like it would be easy to accomplish. I don't know if my why is strong enough. Do I even have a why? I don't seem to have a burning desire for ANYthing lately. 

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