Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gifts that Continue to Give

Every year I struggle with this. I want to give gifts that people will use or appreciate long after the Christmas season is over. I've managed a couple of "hits" over the years, and I'm hoping I'll do it again. I won't tell you what they are just yet, but I promise I'll tell you the day after Christmas. I can give you a hint. What I'm giving to others has been part of my personal development for the past 22 years. It involves affirmations...

I read from the Simple Abundance -- A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach as often as I can. I keep a copy in the bathroom, and there's one at work. I've had more copies, but I gave them away. As a matter of fact, I bought 20 copies one year and gave almost all of them away as Christmas gifts. The books cost 2 cents each, and the postage was $3+ each, then to ship them to my friends was $3.65. I was thrilled to share this book. I had it for many years before I actually started reading it. It's set up like a diary or printed blog, beginning with January 1. I actually started reading it almost 5 years ago, beginning with January 20. I quickly fell in love with this book. I love Sarah's messages. I feel like she's reading my soul sometimes.

If I'm not listening to Jim Rohn, Earl Nightengale, Bob Proctor, I am reading Sarah Ban Breathnach.

Today's Simple Abundance message was about taking a nap. I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking naps. When my kids were babies, I'd nap when they did. For many years, I'd wake up one hour later, almost to the minute. Now, I sometimes sleep longer, but for the most part, one hour is exactly what I need. My grandfather was a farmer, and after lunch every day, he'd take a nap. Of course, my sister and I napped at the same time until we got older. Then got in trouble if we woke him.

My grandson doesn't take a regular nap at home that I know of. So when I babysit, I try to get him to lay down. I'm usually asleep before him. It was the same with my granddaughter when she was little and I babysat her.

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