Monday, November 22, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Gosh, I think about blogging every day. As a matter of fact, sometimes I think I've even been here. But as you can see, Nov. 11 was the last time I posted anything.

I lost my pedometer last Thursday while walking to a turkey fry at St. Mary's. That was the 2nd turkey meal that day. We had a Thanksgiving meal at work, which I shared with very dear friends. I stuffed myself. As a matter of fact, I was so full I didn't think I'd eat again for 2 days. But by the time I got off work and headed to pick my son up from work, I was hungry again. The turkey dinner at St. Mary's was a real disappointment. I expected to see a large crowd, but there was only about 30 people there. And we had to wait about an hour for turkey. They had a couple of fryers going, but they kept running out of turkey. I wonder if they weren't deep frying cornish game hens or something small. It only cost 3 canned goods. So I guess, what should I expect?

Sunday was a Thanksgiving meal at church. It was a potluck with fried turkeys again. There was a huge spread of food and desserts. Again, I stuffed myself. I'm praying I'll have more discipline at the actual Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's.

I managed to have a little money left over before payday, so my son and I went to the grocery store. I told him we had $30 to spend. I went with a list and my calculator. When we finished, the calculator showed $29.99. I'm usually a couple of dollars off, but the cashier said the total was $29.99. We high-fived each other. I managed to pay the bills this time, but I charged $10 for gas and used my Avon money to buy groceries and pay 1/2 of a credit card payment. This payday had unexpected expenses, so I guess we did OK.

Since Nov. 13, we've been eating from the pantry and freezer. No extra money to shop, so we had to be creative. My son was amazed that we had really good meals every night. It seemed like magic that I was able to pull it off night after night. I'd look in the pantry and my brain would start clicking. I made a most delicious chicken soup with brown rice, 13 bean soup, pasta with chicken and tomato sauce and green beans, sweet potato pie, corn bread twice, pancakes, French toast, tacos with fried eggs instead of tortillas and refried beans and cheese. YUM!

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