Friday, April 8, 2011

Making Changes

I decided yesterday that I am going to change my Weight Watchers meeting. I've been going to a Weight Watchers @ Work program where I work, but I seem to have lost my motivation. It may be the lecturer, it may be me. I'm going to see if someone can make me think about things differently. Maybe our lecturer is too much about herself. I like to share. I like to talk. We don't get bravo stickers. When she finally asks us if we have anything to share, she catches us by surprise, and no one speaks up. If she'd ask us regularly, we'd have something to say. At least I would.

I took a friend to lunch today to Cheddar's. I had the chicken pecan salad. It was delicious. I took half back to the office. Then about 3:00, I finished it off. My son and I went to have Chinese for dinner, and I only ate half. I tried to eat with chop sticks, but I was so clumsy and my hands started to cramp. But it did its job. I felt full before I finished, so I took the 2nd half home. My daughter has a box of chop sticks from her wedding, and I have been wanting to get some from her so I can eat with chop sticks. I think it will make eating salads easier, and I'll definitely eat more slowly.

Tonight I'll check in to the ship so that is taken care of. My cruise buddy and I want to sign up for the Murder Mystery for sure. It's a little more than 2 weeks!


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