Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Keeping Track Is Hard

I'm trying to keep track of my food intake to help take Weight Watchers more seriously. Tracking helps. I know because I'm fighting having a snack even though I'm over my daily point allotment already.

I had 2 egg whites with sausage this morning. Then a Fiber One bar that was 4 points! Followed by 8 crackers and a little less than 1/2 cup of seafood salad for a total of 12 points! Yikes! Then I got home and my son made 2 fajita tacos with flour tortillas and cheese for me. But that wasn't enough. I had 2 cups of cream of broccoli soup. I'm sure I'm way over my allotment. I'll have to go through my books to see what the cream of broccoli soup was worth. It was good, so I'm sure it's way more than I want it to be. I have fruit to help. It's not that I'm hungry. I'm really wanting chocolate. I have some good snacks to eat like popcorn, fruit, carrots. So I don't have to have things that are unproductive.

Today was a good day at work. I worked out a couple of problems that cropped up. I love working out puzzles. I have to take time to go over my speeches so I can give them in the next couple of weeks so I can earn my ACS.

I tried to do the Toastmasters newsletter even though I wasn't at the meeting last Friday, but no one is letting me know what happened. Very frustrating.

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