Sunday, June 12, 2011

Starting over again

A couple of friends and I are to start Atkins tomorrow. I've been following the plan for a while. I don't eat carbs at home, but if they are available where I go, I partake. Like yesterday at Toastmasters training, the breakfast included mini blueberry muffins, croissants, a donut. I took my lunch, which included roast and grapes. If I had stuck to what I took, I'd have done much better.

So, today I decided to read about the plan and what I should be doing. I'll start with the induction plan which is 20 carbs a day, 12-15 including fresh vegetables. According to, that's a whole lot of vegetables. That excites me. I love vegetables. I love salads. I'll basically be eating like a cave woman. It says that if I'm more than 50 lbs overweight and have lost and gained weight several times (try 30), I'm probably resistant to weight loss (for sure!). I can follow the same plan as anyone and not lose weight. I walked at least 3 times a week last summer and didn't lose a pound. It's very frustrating. has some good recipes and meal plans that look delicious and easy to fix. I can't wait until payday. We're getting by after several bad spending decisions a couple of weeks ago which left us down to pennies. Luckily, my birthday last weekend brought 2 gift cards that bought groceries for us. We've learned a lot about being conservative and making spending decisions.

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