Monday, August 8, 2011

Catchin' up

I had a great weekend! Saturday several friends and I had breakfast together. Again, I was late. I thought the email said 9:30. I don't know why. I arrived at 9:15 and waited patiently for the others to arrive. When I noticed a car that looked a lot like my friend's car, I started to feel like something was off. Then I saw another friend in the dining room standing up. They were all at the table. A mix of feelings rushed through me. Why didn't they wait? How could everyone have arrived so early and left me? How could I have been wrong AGAIN? I double-checked the email before I left the office Friday.

I used to have a reputation for being late when I was younger. Then, when I was a Mary Kay consultant, we learned to be early. I was a single mom for so many years, and we tried to be on time, but sometimes, we just couldn't make it. I really disliked that people didn't feel they could depend on me. Now, I'd rather wait on others than have them wait on me.

So, yesterday I had lunch with my dad. This time I took my grandson with me. Daddy and I decided to meet about 12:45. My grandson and I arrived at 12:45, and Daddy was already there. Again, someone was there before me. We always have a good time visiting and talking about old times. I told Daddy that we had a charmed childhood because we went to Medina Lake every weekend from the time I was 5 until I got a job working on the weekends at 17.

Every weekend except the winter! We had a blast. Water skiing, boating, fishing, swimming, just hanging out. There was the obligatory 1 hour after a meal that we had to wait before swimming, and that was my time to explore. We had a huge wooded area next to our cabin, and I loved walking through there, enjoying the solitude. I hardly ever invited someone to go with me. When someone did accompany me, I usually got irritated at them. They didn't want to go where I wanted or they would get hurt.

Once, something spooked me and I ran back to the cabin, grazing a cactus on my way. Ouch!!! That cactus got me good. I must have had 50 needles of all sizes stuck in my leg. Lots of tears. Wanting Mom to get them out. But don't touch it! It was excruciatingly painful, and I learned to respect cactus and to give them lots of room.

My grandson is amazing. He's 3-1/2 and he speaks clearly. He puts sentences together well and can tell you how many things there are without having to count them out. We were in the ladies room and he was talking about the changing station in the stall. He saw the elephants and said there were 3, the daddy, mommy and baby. He said that there were 3 of us at the table, not 4, not 5, 3.

My son applied to go to college this weekend. I hope it isn't too late for the fall semester. He is interested in Lakeview college in Universal City. Why there, I don't know. I think he's intimidated by the size of SAC, but he'll be driving much farther every day. He also applied for FAFSA, scholarships, and work study. He's planning to study to be an Art teacher. Maybe he'll be able to substitute teach and continue his studies to get his Bachelor's. He's excited!

I've been thinking about starting another Toastmasters club here on the Northwest side of town. There aren't any here that aren't corporate clubs. Several people are interested, and they are trying to join corporate clubs. Unfortunately, those clubs are closed to "outsiders." Slick Talkers is the only open club on the Northwest side. I think we could sustain an evening club. I'm currently a member of a Saturday morning club, and I hate it - not the club or the members - I love them - I hate the Saturday morning thing.

It seems that I always have something to do on Saturday morning, which means I can't hang out in my pjs for any length of time. It's OK to have occasions to meet friends and Altar Guild, but having something on every Saturday gets old quick.

Anyway, I had a great weekend catching up with family and friends. I hope you did too.

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