Friday, August 5, 2011

It's So Hot!

Last year my friend and I walked several times a week after work. People said we were crazy because on a few days, it was 99 degrees outside. We never got started this spring, and now, it's 105! I keep hoping it'll cool down soon. But we really have at least 6 weeks more of this heat. If it would only rain, it would help cool things down.

Maybe my son and I should go camping. When the kids were little we camped with Parents without Partners once a month. And just about everytime we camped, it rained. It got to where people would call us to see if we were going so they could decide if they wanted to deal with the rain. If feel we aren't doing our civic duty because we aren't going camping any more.

I walked at the mall Tuesday during the lunch hour. It took about 17 minutes to do one lap, walking briskly. I only went one lap . . . baby steps. I'll probably try again tomorrow.

I'm meeting a few friends for breakfast. We call ourselves the balcony group because we lift each other up. We haven't met in a long time, and I miss them. They are actually the first group my kids and I camped with in 1988 or 89.

I've been receiving the emails for the Jim Rohn Personal Development class, and I've been faithfully printing them out. One of these days, I'll actually get back into reading and doing the exercises.

Now, I'm catching up with Toastmasters Area Governor duties, editing a book for a friend, and busy with volunteer duties at church.

My dad called last night to see if I could meet him for lunch Sunday in Kerrville. I'm babysitting my grandson, so he and I are heading to Kerrville to visit grandpa! I love visiting with my Dad. We have a good time.

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