Sunday, August 25, 2013

Refrigerator Elbow?

My new refrigerator seems to vacuum seal itself shut sometimes. The first time I try to open it every morning, I really struggle. We still haven't anchored it because I want to make sure we are done moving it in and out. So I have to hold it back with a foot and yank it open. My right elbow is really hurting, so I must have developed refrigerator elbow. I change it up occasionally and open the door with my left hand.

But wait, I may be wrong. Since I've lost weight, I noticed the arm rests on my chair at work seem to be too far away. My elbows are inside the arm rests instead of on them like before. Today, I noticed that my right arm rubbed the arm rest in the spot where it hurts the most. So I removed the arm rests.

It was weird not having arm rests. I'd become accustomed to using them to adjust myself when I noticed I was slouching, and I rested on them when I needed to think. So, a few times today, my arms flailed as I reached for the missing arm rests. I'm thinking my elbow will improve soon.

If you're wondering how the house is, I'll tell you - it's still a work in progress.

My crew of 2 has painted and installed the bookcases, painted and repainted the brown perimeter stripe, caulked the granite backsplash, and touched up the rough spots on the walls. Except for a few more things, we're done!

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