Monday, February 28, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray! My Son Got a Car Today!

It's a 98 Ford Explorer, and we're both excited! I get my Jaguar all to myself for the first time in 17 months! I haven't had it to run errands in the evening since Jan 3. Believe me, I am so ready to get back to a normal life. The first place we went after the car lot was to Jiffy Lube, and I'm glad we did. It needed to be inspected, which we didn't notice. It needed a new air filter and coolant. The radiator was clogged with old rust that was the consistency of peanut butter. It needed a tail light and a rear windshield wiper. That cost $200, but the guy there said it probably would not have made it home with the radiator in that shape.

One more thing needs to be fixed. The last guys who test drove the car broke the handle on the driver's side, so my son has to climb over the console to drive. But, he does it! Our neighbor will help him fix that this weekend.

I'm so glad I took the day off today to get a car for him. We were determined that today was going to be the day! Thank you God!

Once a Wish, Now a Reality

It's small, I know, but something I put down on my New Year's resolution want list was a Kindle. I actually got a NextBook 3 about 2-1/2 weeks ago at a great price. So, listing it actually helped me get it.

Having your goals written will help achieve them. It's better than carrying them in your head. Putting it on paper helps sort things out. I'm finishing up Week 4 of my Personal Development plan, and starting Week 5, Goal Setting, this week. That's when the magic starts.

Between my Feng Shui Treasure Map and setting goals, I think big things will happen. Case in point. Until I actually wrote this goal down, I hadn't done anything, really, to achieve it. I've been saying I want to be in the Avon President's Club, but I haven't actually done anything to earn that. I heard about a book, Network Marketing for Dummies, by Zig Ziglar and John Hayes, and I ordered it from I got it Saturdeay and have already started reading it. I think it will help me get started. It won't do it for me, but it will guide me. Many of the people in the Jim Rohn organization made their money through the MLM industry, selling products and building downlines, becoming expert at Network Marketing. I believe that is how we can continue to improve our bottom line during the economic rollercoaster we're riding now. Next week I'll have been an Avon Representative for 2 years. It's been fun, and I'm ready to move up. Up until now, I've been happy building my customer base. Now it's time to build my organization. I treat this business like I'm working for Avon, when I'm actually working for myself. I ought to treat it that way. When I first joined, I did the basic training modules, then I "got busy" and haven't gone back.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm in Charge of My Life

Once I realized yesterday that I was actually in charge of my life and my Mom isn't here to watch me and tell me what to do, I felt so empowered!

Here I am, 58 years old, and I'm just now getting it. Now that I've got it, I'm working hard to keep it.

It's funny that the 1-year personal development program I'm doing with Jim Rohn, Chris Widener, and Kyle Wilson is either spurring my thoughts, or my thoughts are in sync with what's happening. Either way, the Holy Spirit is definitely guiding me.

Let me explain. Yesterday I had this epiphany about my being in control, no one else. Then last night and this morning, I was studying the materials from the Plan and there were questions that made me think a little harder about that exact thing. They say that I won't recognize myself after a year. Well, I don't think that would be a bad thing.

The realization has actually made a big change in me. I would venture to say to my psyche. I have a sign in Word that reminds me that I'm in Charge of my life. My choices are mine to make. And I put it in front of me on one of my screens first thing each morning, and it occasionally pops up to the top so I can see it. It's a great affirmation.

I lost 1 lb at Weight Watchers yesterday. I really didn't deserve it. But I feel that I will deserve it next week because I'm making many little changes that will add up to a big difference. Zig Ziglar was talking about that today. Minute changes every day add up to big changes over time.

I'm so excited about the changes that are happening. The next week the Plan will include goal setting. First I'll have go to through a series of questions asking what I want then what I plan to do to get there. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Busy and Lovin' It!

When I last blogged, I was at the tail end of a very busy couple of weeks preparing a proposal at work.

I followed that 40 hours of OT in one week with another week of 20 extra hours editing a book. I thoroughly enjoyed that project. The book was interesting, the author was easy to work with, and he really appreciated what I did. In addition to using the new MS Word skills I learned working on the proposal, I learned how to do a booklet because he wanted the book to be 5.5 x 8.5 format. Then we published it with Amazon for Kindle. AND I got paid too!

Even though I've been crazy busy, I spend at least 15 minutes each night reading something. I'm in the middle of Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness by Jim Rohn. I'm to the point where I have to write what I want. When I get to this point in any book, where I have to think and put down my thoughts, I balk! I find myself not wanting to make the effort to think. Maybe I'm doing this at the wrong time of the day. Maybe I'm lazy. Maybe I don't thik I'm worth the effort.

This morning I had a talk with myself. I reminded myself that I am in charge of what I eat, what I think, and what I do. No more letting the stupid little voice tell me what to do. I know what is right, and I'm going to do what is right. Discipline! That's what I'm lacking. I've always had a problem with discipline. Even the singles website Plenty of Fish nailed me. When I read that I lack discipline, I was put off at first. Then I realized they were right! Jim Rohn talks about discipline. You have to have the discipline to make a difference, to make a change, to improve yourself.

I've been treading water for a year, waiting for whatever it is I've been waiting for to inspire me to lose weight, to save money, to work out regularly. This morning I realized I'm waiting on MYSELF!

I don't have too much planned for this weekend, so the first thing I'm going to do is straighten out my office. It won't take more than a couple of hours. I have stuff in the middle of the room that needs to be sorted between trash and recyclables. This means I have to make a system for each so I won't have to go through this. I did it in my bedroom. I now have a recycle bin and a trash bin so I don't have to sort when it's time to take them out. It makes life so much easier. I still don't LIKE taking them out, but it is easier.

My son is looking for a car. I realized last weekend that his bedroom is in the Feng Shui travel sector of the house, and his room is a mess. My office is in the prosperity sector, and it's a mess. Is it any wonder we're having problems in those 2 areas? We can't seem to find a car for him, and I can't seem to keep my emergency fund in the bank. Plus, a friend and I have talked about going on a cruise for 9 months, and we haven't gone yet.

Anyway, I have dreams, big dreams. Now I have to do the homework and WRITE THEM DOWN!!! so I can develop the discipline to make them come true.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good Things are Coming My Way!

I got paid today, and the first thing I did was figure 80% so I'd know what I have to spend on bills and necessities for the next 2 weeks. Since my house payment comes out of this check, it doesn't leave much. But, I'll do what I can.

This has been a crazy week. I've been working on a proposal team, and I worked 12.5 hours Monday, 17 hours yesterday, and 12.5 today. I'm pretty pooped. As soon as this is over, I'll begin formatting and editing the book.

I really need to have the book ready by Sunday. It's about 80 pages I think. The author wants to give it as a thank you for donations to a cause he's raising funds for to send books to Africa. He has the books, but it will cost $22,000 to ship them. He's giving a lecture Monday, and he wants to have it available by then. I think I'll send the PDF to him and suggest he email it to people as they donate to his Books for Africa cause.

Gosh, I'm excited about all the possibilities.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Seasons of Life

I'm almost finished with The Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn. It is so motivating. The chapter on Spring makes me want to go out and work on my lawn, which is pretty pathetic for several reasons. Now I just have to get busy and learn how to make it beautiful again. I know it will take some time, effort, and money. All of which have been in short supply in the past few years. I'm hoping the time and resources will be available this year.

We're in the throes of a proposal at work. I'm working on the largest part of the proposal. It's about 186 pages, the rest of the proposal is about 100 pages.

Once I finish the proposal, I have a book to edit and format. Then it'll be time to edit and format the Friends of the Library newsletter, SAPLings.

Then I'll have to get everything ready to do my income taxes. It used to be easy until I started selling Avon, now I have to figure inventory and cost of goods sold and all that stuff. This year it won't be very difficult because I don't have as much inventory as last year. And I've been through it before.

Anyway, back to The Seasons of Life.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Team Players

Yesterday was an interesting day at work. It was Saturday, and 11 of us were at the office working on a proposal. I got there first and put on a pot of coffee. By the time I was ready for my second cup, the place was buzzing with people ready to work. Of the 11, 5 of us were actually from my building, and the others came prepared with food; coffee, tea and supplies; pens and highlighters; and plates and cups. They also brought their laptops and they were ready to get started.

It was fun working with a different group of people. I've known them many years because of other proposals we've collaborated on. My department is doing the document preparation and printing. The others are supplying the information, editing, food, and moral support.

The 12 hours I worked flew by. Everyone got along so well. We really got a lot done, mainly because no one wanted to work on Super Bowl Sunday.

I managed to bring the document I was working on (162 pages) home to look over. I'll give it a quick glance because 2 others are looking at it more critically. I saw several typographic errors when I was formatting it, so I know it needs a onceover.

Today I plan to finish The 12 Pillars and start Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn. Plus I'll give the proposal document a look and Week 2 of the 1-Year Personal Development plan.

So, I best get started ;O)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thinking About How I Think!

I find when it's time to write my thoughts or to answer questions, I always have a reason for not doing it right away. I think I'll do it later. And later never comes. I'm obviously missing something. Maybe it's the key to why I'm not progressing. Or maybe I need to be more prepared, to take my time and not be in such a hurry. When I was in school, I found the homework that was designed to teach critical thinking skills was my least favorite homework. It's funny. I avoid thinking about things other people want me to think about, but I really enjoy figuring out problems and thinking about things that interest me.

I need to realize how important these things are that people like Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, Bob Proctor, Jeffry Gitomer, etc. want me to think about and become part of me. If I didn't have the spirit of a rebel, I'd learn these things faster and make quicker progress. Yet, Rohn says we should debate the things we learn. We should look at it from all sides. And, I do that. Anyway, I've been called an anomaly, and I guess that's what I am. Or maybe I'm just hard headed. I'm not stubborn. I just need to figure it out for myself.

Wow, here I am, 58 years old, and I'm still learning about myself. Now that I'm finding insight into my soul, maybe I can make some important changes.

I know it's been a problem that I don't write notes in the margins or highlight important things in the books I read. Most of my Bibles are still pristine. I ventured to put sticky notes in one, and I think I actually wrote in the margins a couple of times in another. Until a couple of years ago, I considered it sacreligious to write in a Bible.

I realized this was a problem, so I bought a couple of zippered book covers to hold the books I'm currently reading. Along with the books, there is ruled notebook paper that I made and punched holes in, a pen, a highlighter, and sticky notes. It has a handle, so it's easier to carry, and everything is together and convenient. This was all designed to make it easier to take notes and later keep in a small 3-ring binder. It is nice to have this "kit" with me. It's been a week since I made this kit. Do you think I've kept notes or highlighted anything. Well a little. I'm a hard nut to crack, but I'm crackable (I hope).

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday I stayed at the office to catch up on a job I'm working on and made arrangements for my son to pick me up. The temperature was 25 degrees, and it was raining. Consequently, the streets were icy, and he had a hard time driving to get me. He said cars were spinning around, abandoned on the road, the highway was closed, and he was terrified. When he got to my office, he got out of the car and said he was done driving. I got behind the wheel and we headed down the street, slipping on the ice. Luckily, we were only 4.5 miles from home, and I drove a steady 25 mph. We made it home with no incidents. All the other drivers were doing the same as me, and we made it home in 20 minutes.

This morning the office was closed until Noon, so I slept in to make up for the late night. I managed to get some reading in, though. I started Darren Hardy's Make This the Best Year Ever, which is about setting goals.

The Richest Man in Babylon-2

What an inspiring book. I'm like many of the characters in this book. I work hard, make good money, but I can't seem to keep any in the bank.

The secret, according to Jim Rohn (whom I heard it from first) and The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason, is to put 30% of my paycheck to work. Seventy percent pays the bills and buys gas and groceries. Ten percent goes to God, 10% to savings, and 10% to investments. I already have a percentage going to investments (I don't think it's 10%), and the rest goes to pay for my lifestyle. Well, that is going to change. Now that everyone is gainfully employed in my household, I'll be able to arrange my finances so I can put something back in the bank.

Next week is payday, and it will be my first opportunity to figure out the best way to build my fortune.

I've been blessed to have a very active guardian angel who has protected me and helped me get through financial difficulties. There was a time when I was so broke I didn't know where I'd get enough gas to get to work. As I was walking to my apartment, a $5 bill was on the staircase next to my door. I picked it up and said "Thank You God" out loud. Then there was the time I was stressing out because I didn't have any money when I opened my bank savings book to check my balance and a $20 bill fell out. Again, "Thank You God!" I probably have more stories about how I foolishly wasted money or lost money. But I won't dwell on those, only on those occasions when I was blessed.

Speaking of being blessed. I worked until 10:00 last night on a section of a proposal we're preparing, and it rained with 25 degree weather. Needless to say, the roads became icy. My son was to pick me up on his way home. It took him an hour to get to my office, and I drove home from there (He was a wreck). The car was covered in ice. I kept the speed to 25, and we slipped a bit on the road. No one on the road was being careless; no one passed us. Most of the lights were green, and for the most part, it was an adventure. But we were definitely glad to be home when we finally arrived. OK, so that wasn't the blessing part. That was the guardian angel watching over me part. We didn't get home until almost 11:30 because of the icy conditions. It was 12:30 or so before I got to sleep. Here's the blessing. Here I am, it's 6:15, I've eaten breakfast and am ready to do my usual routine of dressing and going to work, expecting to drive slowly and steadily just like last night. I called the company weather hotline, and we don't have to report to work until NOON! So I'm finishing this blog, and I'm going back to bed. Yea! Again "Thank You God!"