Friday, January 28, 2011

Once More. This Time With Feeling!

I'm so excited! I signed up with the 1-Year Personal Development Plan, and the first email arrived today!

The materials filled a huge notebook. I haven't had a chance to check it all out yet. I just hope it's not the homework for just this week!

Because I couldn't get anyone to do the 1-year plan with me, I originally decided to postpone it for a year, so I ordered something to read instead. But, I got one more email that convinced me that this is the time to make dramatic changes to my life. Now the books I ordered from have been trickling in:
  • Biscuits, Fleas, & Pump Handles by Zig Ziglar
  • The Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn
  • The Aspiring Millionaire by Bill Bailey
  • Twelve Pilars by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener (I believe this is the basis of the 1-year plan)
  • Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness by Jim Rohn
I've started a couple of them, and they are very compelling. I'll have to steal time where I can so I can read these books as well as do the Plan. So, I've decided to give up TV, except for Tuesday nights, 7-8 and 9-10, unless they are re-runs. I'm investing my time and money to make the most of me. According to Darren Hardy, I won't recognize myself at the end of this year.


I've been hitching rides with friends after work because my son has a job after one year of searching, and we only have one car. Don't feel sorry for me. I've thoroughly enjoyed having someone to ride with and talk to. As a matter of fact, I've had the opportunity to get to know a couple of really great ladies.

In addition, I attended 4 Feng Shui Treasure Mapping sessions that a dear and long-time friend taught. Even though I make a treasure map every January since 2006, I learned a lot. The classes were really enjoyable. I met so many great people there and saw old friends I never expected to see there. Kindred spirits!

Treasure mapping is the same thing as making a vision board. It's a collage or a visual list of goals, dreams, and wishes. The twist is we use the Feng Shui bagua map as the basis and guide. And on Saturday night, she taught Feng Shui for the home. It's really interesting that she and I started studying Feng Shui about the same time. I think it was about 6 years ago.

I'm actually working on several goals right now.
  • Feng Shui consultant. I'm also learning more about Feng Shui so I can help people with adding peace and tranquility to their lives. I put lot of the Feng Shui principles in my home, and I absolutely love it. I'm so comfortable here. It's my haven. I don't know that I felt that way before.
  • Wedding coordinator/planner for my church. It's not the same as being a full-time wedding planner, but it's a start. I love doing it. It's strictly volunteer, so I'm not getting rid of my day job just yet. But I think after I retire, I'll be able to either hire on with someone as an assistant or maybe do it myself. A friend wants to do it with me. She just retired (unexpectedly), and she's looking for something fun to do.
  • Avon. Now, I sell Avon mainly to build a customer base for when I retire. And I'm my best customer ;O).
  • Travel more. Mainly cruises. Maybe I can set up destination weddings that include a cruise. Maybe a long weekend cruise that would include the bachelor parties, wedding rehearsal, and the actual wedding and reception. Hmmm. You heard it here first!
  • Teach seminars. I'm working on some material that I can use as a basis for my seminars. There are lots of civic groups I can speak to. Maybe even work on material for career days at local elementary schools. We are always getting emails at work about schools needing speakers.

In addition to these work-oriented goals, I'm working on my leadership skills through Toastmasters so I can achieve the level of Distinguished Toastmaster. I've been every officer in the club Executive Committee. Several times I held more than one office at the same time. To achieve DTM, I have to do things outside my club, one is a High Performance Project that involves setting up a committee who helps to pick out my project, we strategize about the best project and how to implement it, and I have to give 2 speeches about it. The next thing I have to do is mentor or start a new club. AND, I have to do something with the District leadership.

I have a few projects picked out, and I have a list of people I'd like to recruit for my High Performance project. I just need to figure out how to invite them to work with me so they can't refuse. :O) I'm going to try to be an Area Governor from July 1 to June 30. We have had some really awesome Area Governors lately, so I have some high standards to fulfill. In the past, our AGs were weak, and the only time I heard from them was when they had to turn in an AG report, which was twice a year.

For the past year, I've worked with our Division Governor, and I feel privileged to know him. He helped me when I committed to do a mini Toastmasters meeting for a neighborhood credit union, and I couldn't get any help from more than one of my fellow club members. Then he was with me when I spoke to a leadership group who invited me to speak. Someone in the first audience invited me to the second group. Then someone in that audience invited me to speak at their Retreat this coming March. This means I need to get my speech out and dust it off.

Because of the mini Toastmasters meeting, the group at the Credit Union has formed a Toastmasters club, and I'm one of the mentors. I have truly been blessed with being at the right place at the right time. And I've not been afraid to take a leap of faith hoping I'll land on something soft.

You can see I've got a full plate, but if I keep that danged TV turned off, I think I can get much more done. Before my son moved back to SA, I hardly watched TV at all, and I really got a lot more done. So, he's working evenings, and I have the house back to myself. I really enjoy listening to good inspiring music without lyrics while I work. Unfortunately, my CD wallet is at the office, so I'm here listening to my keys clack as I type. That's OK too.

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