Saturday, December 3, 2011

Figured It Out!

Have you ever had a great idea and shared it with someone, like your boss, only to hear crickets? Then about a week later your boss comes to you with a great idea, which was yours originally. It's not a good idea until it's their.

Well, the same sort of thing has happened to me again. Only, it was I doing it to me.

For 2 years (almost exactly), I've been trying to do my own thing in Weight Watchers. I followed the plan at first and lost 24 lbs! Then, I got tired of doing it their way and tried to do it my way. Well, 2 years and a gain of 12 lbs later, I finally figured it out.

Weight Watchers knows what they're talking about! At the meeting Thursday, I realized the error of my ways, and I resolved to follow the plan, at least for a month by tracking and trying to eat the right foods. Then yesterday, I had another breakthrough. I realized the reason I had such a hard time tracking was that I wasn't weighing and measuring. Geez. It's work, but maybe I'll eat less because I'm taking my time instead of grabbing and gobbling.

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