Friday, January 13, 2012

I Have an Accountability Partner

One of the assignments for the Jim Rohn Personal Development Program is to have an accountability partner so I can keep on track. I've had someone in mind for quite a while, and I finally took the plunge and asked. He said it would be an honor. Wow! And today, he asked for my plan. I guess he means business. So, no more slacking off!

I've been reading a little each night before I go to sleep. Unfortunately, reading puts me to sleep, so I don't get much done before I drift off.

This is my plan for next week:

I am my own worst enemy. That being said, I've already started making some of these changes.

Behaviors to change/Actions to take:
Cut TV time by about 2-1/2 hours every night so I can:
1. Go to bed an hour earlier so I get at least 7 hours of sleep. I started this last night.
2. Work on the JR PDP and read the Bible and something educational (currently reading Matthew's Gospel, and You Being Beautiful by Dr. Oz and his brother.
3. Read at least 15 minutes (hopefully I can stay awake 30 minutes) before going to sleep. I started this last week, but I keep falling asleep too quickly, so I'll obviously have to start earlier and not in bed.

Health --
1. Exercise almost every day. Walk after work for 30 minutes on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. Go to Waterworks at Spectrum on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. This schedule will be amended on those days that I get to spend time with Roc.
2. Track what I eat.

I've been working on the goal-setting part of week 5 while I wait to begin week 2. The goal-setting part takes so long I thought it prudent to begin before I actually get to it so I can keep the momentum. Gotta keep Mo on my side.

My mentor said to read and review this every day. He sent a worksheet for me to plan my week. I'll make sure these things are on it and keep track daily of what I've done.

Car Update:
My car is in the body shop. They said it is more damaged than they originally thought. I think the tile bent the moonroof track or something, so it will have to be replaced instead of being removed, straightened out and reinstalled. In the meantime, I'm driving a Mazda6.

I realized the other day that I've driven so many different cars since I got my Jaguar. When I put it in the shop, I get a courtesy car. They are usually really cool cars. I've had a SAAB, which I didn't like, a Camry. I really should have been keep track. Anyway, nothing compares to my Jaguar. I still love everything about it.

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