Monday, January 2, 2012

I Won't Let It Ruin My Day

Yesterday my son and I went to Burlington's to return something, and when we returned to the car, we discovered a ceiling tile from the parking garage on the pavement behind my car. Because I'm not in the least observant, I asked if I drove over it when I parked. He said no and then he noticed that it had fallen onto my car and damaged the roof right at the edge of the sunroof. It's not just a sunroof, but a moonroof. It tilts, opens completely, and there's a shade that opens and closes to reveal or hide the sun.

We had the Burlington's Theft Prevention guy call Mall Security. Stella came by and took lots of photos and my information. I called my insurance company and gave them the info. I don't like Caliber Collision centers, so I'll try Miracle Body and Paint. They did a great job repairing my daughter's truck a few years ago. I just hope whoever fixes my car really fixes it so the window doesn't leak. If you know of a good body shop, please let me know.

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