Sunday, September 15, 2013

My house is wonderful, and the cleaning is easy . . .

Now that the house has been emptied and thoughtfully reloaded, keeping it neat is sooooo much easier! And enjoyable.

I just went through and picked up things in each room that didn't belong and put them where they belonged, picking up things in that room, until the whole house was picked up. It took about 30 minutes. Before, I wouldn't have started because it was overwhelming.

Plus, I figured out the problem with the focus on my camera, and I took photos of the house, inside and out. I posted them and set everything up so I can share them. Now, the batteries keep dying. I think when I dropped it in January, I killed it. It's probably time to get a new one. I like this one because it has a viewfinder so I can hold it close to take a photo. I'm better at that than holding it out and taking a photo. They don't make them like this anymore I don't think. But I'll keep looking.

Putting the photos together was harder than I expected. Maybe it's because of what I do at work. I work on the web, publishing newsletters, websites, etc, and the makeover photos had to be just right. I found myself desperately looking for the external drive that has all of the really before photos so I could show how dramatically the house has changed. I think Betty has more photos of the during than I do. She and David thought about taking photos when I just kept busy. It didn't occur to me to start by taking photos of the before. As much time as I spent watching HGTV, you'd think I'd know to do that.

Oh well, the after is so dramatic and awesome! I LOVE my house. I can't wait to show it off.

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