Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I can't believe I just did this. I had a full screen of stuff about Toastmasters and how hard I've worked this year. All it took was a flick of the ESC key, and it was all gone. What a drag!!! Well, I know not to do that again. I reported in my last blog that I still had several speeches and projects to do to earn DTM. I really believe that by June 30, I may be done with all the speeches and projects, including the CL manual and the 2nd CC and ACS. I can't believe how opportunities have presented themselves to handle speeches and projects just because I've been at meetings. Today I was General Evaluator.

I only have 2 speeches and 2 CL projects and I'm done for the AC, CL ACS and 2 speeches for ACG. Then on July 1, I can report my stint as Area Govenor, and with my High Performance Leadership Project completed, and I'll have earned ALS.

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