Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today I'll give a speech at the Wiseman Toastmasters Club meeting. This will be the last speech to earn a Competent Communicator award (again). I'm the club coach for Wiseman. We're trying to keep the club viable and to build it from 4 members to at least 6 by June 30. My goal is to have it to 13 by Sept. 1.

One thing my 2 smaller clubs have in common is they don't have formal meetings. I really think that formal meetings helps members and guests know what's going on. I think it's important to follow a structure so everyone knows what to expect and they can move forward. With a smaller club, the members have to give more speeches and they should each accomplish at least a CC by the end of the year.

I have to remember to send an email to the members telling them to bring their manuals. Otherwise, they don't move forward. They won't know what they've accomplished. It's the little things that make a strong club and great members.

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