Sunday, June 2, 2013

Almost Empty House

I had a crew here yesterday to help me finish packing and moving everything out into the POD. The POD looked so small once it was delivered that I thought I wouldn't be able to fit all my stuff into it. Luckily, I found someone who knows how to stack furniture so the POD will probably hold everything. We're strategizing about how to get it all in. By noon we had a great deal done. I ran to Bill Miller and got fried chicken and tea, and we all sat around the table and ate lunch. It was like having a party of strangers. Fun times!

I've given away my bedroom furniture to my main helper, and it was hauled away yesterday. (If the POD wasn't enough to get the neighbors wondering, I'm sure watching some of the furniture leave in a pickup will get them thinking.) I thought I'd sleep in my recliner during all this, but I'm using the blow-up bed Daddy had instead. It's much more comfortable than my recliner would have been, except it's low to the ground, and it takes some doing to get off it. I have to say that it's getting easier.

I have bookcases to give away - or maybe I'll use them in the garage for storage. Some of the shelves are wide enough for boxes . . . hnmmm!

The furniture to be moved still includes my chair in the living room, the entertainment center in my room, the armoire, bookcases and dresser in the office, and the exercise equipment - not much, considering. I hope there's enough room in the POD.

An acquaintance helped me pack yesterday. She's a packing maniac! We packed at least 30 boxes yesterday! Of course, my original plan of going through everything before it was packed had to be scrapped in the name of time. My workers don't want to do this all month, so we're moving and grooving. I'm hoping this will all be complete by June 15 when the appliances are delivered. That would be nice.

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