Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'll go to the Library and turn on the air conditioner

How many times have you said that? Let's see, I've said it twice this evening. I have the CPS Home Manager programmed thermostat, so I need the internet to turn my AC on or off and to adjust the temperature. Normally, it's great. But when you don't have internet service, you have to find the closest Wi-fi you can borrow. And for me, that's our local library branch. Thank you God that it's just about 1/2 mile from the house.

I had a great morning after a wonderful sleep. I really enjoy having coffee and conversation with my friend every morning. One more, then I'm back on my own. After lunch, things started slipping down hill. I had a doctor appointment, then I was to meet with my sister to close on my Dad's little house. The AC in my car decided to stop working today. I got stuck in traffic in the Medical Center for 10 minutes, until I finally u-turned out of there. I was late to the appointment, which made me almost 1-1/2 hours late to meet my sister. I rushed out of the doctor's office so fast that I left all my prescription meds on her counter. DANG! I was stuck in stop and go traffic on 10 and 1604 from the Medical Center to Huebner and 1604. Needless to say, when I arrived at the title office, I was pretty scary looking. Everyone was still there - Yea! And we took care of business. This was one more piece of the final things "we" have to do as a good-bye to our parents.

I've been using the term "we" very loosely lately. I guess it makes me feel like a part of a team, even though I'm more of a cheerleader and a wallet than a team member.

Today is the final step in the floor preparation. We are supposed to wax the floors, so I needed to rent a buffer with a stiff bristle brush (critical, the instructions say) and a soft bristle brush and a buffer. Well, since I was running late, I suggested to my crew that they replace the door knobs until I get home.

To save time, I decided to stop at the Home Depot at Bandera and 1604. They didn't have tool rental, so I couldn't save time in traffic, I had to go all the way to Culebra. DANG!

When I got to the house, I was reminded that I had locked the garage door and they couldn't look for the doorknobs, but they did remove the ones in the house and they wiped down the baseboards. They are such good workers. I can trust them to keep busy if at all possible.

I got them all set, read the instructions a few times, left them to get started and I headed to the library to turn on the AC and to get sodas at Sonic. When I returned, they met me outside. I looked at their faces and said, "What!" They just said, come in and see.

Applying the wax with the stiff bristle brush is taking some of the stain off the floor. I reread the instructions, and of course it didn't say anything about this happening. Maybe my bristle brush is too stiff? They were uncomfortable using the brush and preferred the buffer. I told them we'd follow the instructions, and if some of the stain came up, that would be OK because the floor was much darker than I had anticipated in the first place. Once they finished the first bedroom, the floor had to be swept because it was actually smoothing the surface again. It was dull like the instructions said, so I told them to continue. I noticed we were a bit warm in the bedroom, That was because the AC wasn't on. It was 85 in the house. So, I had to head to the library yet again to turn on the AC.

Here I am in the car in the library parking lot, windows down, enjoying the breeze and birds, blogging about my life. Will it get any better than this? I thought I'd wait to see what the temp was in the house before I head home. The program manager will tell me the temperature in the living room. How cool is that? or warm in this case. Well, it's cooled from 85 to 82, so I can safely guess it's still on. Until the morrow!

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