Sunday, June 9, 2013

This is progress?

The word seems to be out that I'm hiring. Superman called last night to tell me a friend of his is looking for work, could he bring him? I said of course. The more the merrier. And today, the packing maniac came along. I invited her in to see the damages (progress) and she stayed to help the painters, packing, moving things, etc., while I spent 2 hours at Home Depot getting paint. I bought 6 boxes while I was there; good thing because we used 4 of them! Where is all this stuff coming from?

I went to Home Depot this morning to get the upper cabinet that will hold the above-the-range microwave that will be delivered next week. While I was there, I got 2 new toilet paper holders and paint thinner. Last night I bought 9 nonlocking door knobs, 5 locking, and 2 with deadbolts for the outer doors, and door and drawer pulls for the kitchen cabinets. Then when I went back the second time this morning, I got hinges to replace the antique brass ones on the cabinets. I bought 14, but I needed 15. Dang!

Note to anyone who's painting anything - take the lid with the formula to the paint store. I headed to the store (for the second time by 11:15 this morning) with the can label and a paint chip. I didn't notice the paint chip was Glidden and the paint was Behr. DANG! The HD paint guy tried 2 gallons before I called the house to get the paint formula on the can. That was what we needed. I knew that! I even suggested I take a lid with me. But we didn't take me seriously. The painters have painted the kitchen cabinets (upper and lower) and the linen closet in the hall the same color as the doors and trim. He's spraying all the doors and trim, and they're beautiful. The front door looks so good I may not replace it after all.

The kitchen is demolished. The fridge is in the middle, the vent-a-hood is on the back porch. The range is at Superman's house, and the microwave is on the floor under the dining table. I told the painter he didn't have to cover the countertops, so I HAVE to replace them.

I'm really roughing it now. I won't be able to wake up to brewing coffee. The timer was packed and I don't know which box it is in. Dang! I'm going to miss that most of all.

Superman's friend put the dirt back in the flowerbed and mowed and trimmed the yards. The backyard still needs to be edged. He helped Superman remove the linoleum tiles from the master bath, closet, and all the other closets. I'm glad he needed work. He was the extra hands we needed today.

Tomorrow night I'm going to order the granite countertops. I picked out a dark (almost black) piece called Ubatuba. It's from Brazil, and it's actually one of their cheapest. The sales person at HD was so patient with me. He got a door from the rack that is about the same color as my cabinets, and he held it up with my paint chips to every color they had. It was difficult because they looked good with almost everything. Do I want monochromatic? Do I want dramatic? I decided on dramatic. HD has a special going that I can upgrade the edge to the next level at no extra charge. If I pick bullnose or half bullnose, it's free. Normally, it costs extra. Plus, if I get a stainless steel sink, I can get that free. But I don't know if I want a stainless steel sink. I was hoping for a granite composite. I found it on the HD website, but one of the reviews said it was broken when they received it, and they ended up with a stainless steel sink because of the installation time crunch. The replacement composite sink arrived broken as well. Hmmm.

I'm in my freshly painted bedroom, smelling paint fumes. I've slept with the windows open the last 2 nights. It was cool both nights, and I really slept well. The birds woke me up this morning. I may have to do this more often. One of the reasons I don't do it is because there has been a huge dresser in front of the window. I really like being able to open the windows. Am I the only one who has something in front of almost every window so it is difficult to use them?

I'm working with these guys just like I do at work. One step ahead of them - or at least I thought. This morning I realized they were going to paint the upper cabinets, so I had to pack the dishes and things that I left in them when I ran out of boxes. I found what I could and got started. Then we talked about painting the lower cabinets as well, and while I was at the store, they opened the cabinets and found stuff in them too. Not too much, but that stuff was everywhere. When they moved the refrigerator, I was not surprised about the things they found. They also moved the stove. That was disgusting! The sides were covered in spills. I didn't realize I had spilled so much between the stove and counter. The stove was so greasy that they had a hard time carrying it out. Another sign that I need a housekeeper.

After everyone left today, I packed all the stuff that had accumulated around the house. Everything is covered in a fine white coat of ceiling paint. I scrubbed the dining table this evening to make sure it isn't ruined. My eating schedule is completely off these days. Now I don't have my blender or range, so I'll have to figure something else out to eat. I don't have a microwave at work, so if I take anything that needs to be cooked for lunch, I'll have to get on my hands and knees to cook it in my microwave.

I have a few days to figure out where everything will go once we start putting it back into the house. I wish I knew the dimensions of the furniture, in particular my Dad's dresser.

Anyway, now that I've thought of that I'm itching to work on furniture layout ideas. I'll keep you posted.

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