Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ready for this to be over!

It's nice to have a great crew, it's nice to see progress, it's nice to have a great place to shower, sleep, and veg, but I'm ready for it all to be over so I can get back to "normal."

I miss my family, I miss relaxing, I miss having a meal at my dining table, I miss being able to check my emails and blog at will. Right now I'm sitting in my car in the library parking lot using their wi-fi so I can check my emails and blog while I'm at lunch.

I've come up with a plan and schedule so we can empty the POD in time. I'm supposed to have the POD from May 30 to June 30. But, since June 30 is a Sunday, they'll pick it up the day before, so it has to be empty by 7:00 am so they can pick it up. Hold on! Not only am I NOT getting it as they said all along, I'm losing a whole day because it's Sunday! I had to negotiate to get the POD person to say she'd request a PM pickup! That means with my schedule, we'll have Friday night to move everything from the POD into the house. We still have to paint the baseboards and touch up the walls. Yikes!! I talked to my muscle and asked for them to bring as many hands as possible. We may only have Friday night. I'm going to make sure they realize they can't leave until the job is done. Not just 4 hours and then leave like usual.

Can you tell I'm grouchy today?

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