Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kitchen complete!

The beautiful counter tops were installed yesterday. I love them! My nephew and family came over last night, and he installed the sink and dishwasher. With everything going on this week, I forgot to get the garbage disposer, so I had to run to Home Depot one more time. I ended up buying the quieter insinkerator, that can hardly be heard - well that is if there's nothing but water anyway. I haven't tried chicken bones yet.

My sink is 8" deep, and it's like a small stainless steel bathtub! I love it. The dishwasher didn't want to work right last night. It never filled with water, so when they left, I was to call Sears today to see what I could do about the problem.

This morning I read all the buttons on the dishwasher, chose the appropriate ones, and it filled with water! I was so happy. I don't know the difference between last night and this morning, I only care that it works now.

I thought we were done. Then I remembered the foyer. We plan to replace the tile, and I guess I'll find out if my chief is available soon.

In the meantime, I'm going out to see a man about a car.

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