Monday, July 15, 2013

Moving back in!

I finished sealing the brown perimeter last night! Tonight we move the furniture in place, finish the last of the painting and touch ups (I hope), and we'll clear out the garage enough to get my car back into it - I hope!

I truly love the color of my floor and the look of the baseboards, and I'm ready to finish unpacking. The last thing I'll do is hang the objet d'art once everything else is in place. I saw a photo of a photo wall that I plan to copy on my main living room wall. I have a great photo of my dad and my other family members. I just need to have a print of my mom enlarged and hang it along with the other photos and memorabilia. I can't believe how many framed photos I found in closets while clearing out the house. Now I just have to put them all together and decide what to do. The leftovers will be unframed and put somewhere safe.

Anyway, I'm getting excited again. A friend mentioned how difficult must be to live in a construction zone, where I can't leave and have to work around the tools, pieces out of place, and boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff. That's true, and if I had it to do over, I'd probably still live in the "zone," but I'd try to make better decisions.

The good news is I'm moving back in today!

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