Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Car Is Back in the Garage

The good news is the garage is empty enough that my car fits. The bad news is I still have hundreds (not literally, but it seems so) of boxes to unpack. I'm amazed at the junk and volume of papers I've saved over the years. I have bills and receipts dating back to the 1980s probably.

Every year I start with an empty box in January and fill it throughout the year with everything. Then I tape it up and stow it. Now that I have them all in one place, it'll be easier to go through them. They've been all over the house - my bedroom, the garage, the junk room, the office - everywhere.

Once I have everything put away, I'm going through those boxes. I'm sure there are missed opportunities, good memories, savings bonds, uncashed checks, special birthday cards, and all sorts of treasures mixed with the junk mail that I just didn't feel like dealing with at the time. I can't just throw it away without sorting through it. 

My new counter tops will be delivered and installed next Friday! I'm so excited!

No much has happened in the house as far as construction, painting, etc. My detail painter seems to have abandoned me for a while, the chief has been in the hospital - no, I didn't work him too hard. I think he had heat exhaustion or heat stroke. He's been working in the full sun day after day, and I think it caught up with him. When he's at my house, he's in the air conditioned comfort of my home. I actually miss them, but it's nice to have the house to myself.

Superman and I got the bookcases and the last of the furniture back into the house yesterday, and today we got all the boxes that aren't junk, papers or library books in the house for me to unpack. I found the rest of my dishes, pots and pans, blender, stationery, shoes, and linens. Yea! All the boxes left in the garage are neatly stacked against one wall, so there's lots of room for my car.

I'm hoping we'll finish this weekend. I won't be home tomorrow evening because my sister and I have plans. A coworker is coming back Friday to help me set up my computer and peripherals (I hope).

All I really have left to do is the handles on the kitchen cabinets, finish hanging the drapes and curtains, remove the kitchen window sill and counter top and sink so when the granite counter tops are delivered everything will be in place and ready. I have ordered and paid for new bookcases for the library, so I'm waiting on them to arrive. I have boxes of books to load into the bookcases, and I still have to hang things on the walls - may have to invest in some command strips so I don't mess up these beautiful walls.

Last week I felt like I was losing my ability to make good decisions. I struggled with indecision and regret for decisions made. But, I think in the end, 95% of the decisions I made during his renovation have been good. And I know I will love the results. I'm thrilled about everything so far. It has been a huge learning experience. I've worked with some amazingly resilient people, and I think my leadership skills have doubled during this past 7 weeks!

People have asked for photos of the work in progress. They don't do the house justice. You have to see it in person. I will have an open house and invite you to see the results. And I hope to have some sort of poster with photos of the work in progress - from the ugly beginning to the stunningly beautiful end.

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