Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Winding down

I think I’m more tired and sort of disoriented since the work on the house has wound down. I’m still not completely unpacked. I still haven’t found my silverware or most-used utensils or blender. I still haven’t figured out how to reset the clock in my range. The refrigerator still isn’t anchored yet, so every time I try to open it, I have to hold it back with my foot, and the door slams into the window behind it. My floor always needs sweeping because of the construction dust.  I still don't have doors on the kitchen cabinets; they're leaning all over the place, and the hinge hardware is on the one counter top that is useable. And I still don't have power to the plugs in the kitchen (I lost it last weekend).
I’m ready to put it all together - to finish the final details, and my crew is ready to move on to something else, but there is still so much more to do. PLUS, I'm not available Friday evening or Saturday after 1:30. I still need a “handy man” to do things like install drapery hardware. The door knobs have to be reinstalled. Before I seriously move the furniture into place, the brown perimeter needs to be sealed. The lower kitchen cabinets need to be leveled, and the kitchen window sill above the sink needs to be removed before the granite arrives (in about 10 days or so!!!)
On the other hand, the place is looking awesome! I love the floor - the spruced up baseboards with the shoe mould and brown perimeter are beautiful and really add class to the place. I have almost all the hardware and software to hang the drapes (I had to order one set of finials.). The landscape crew will arrive tomorrow to finish the yards. Hopefully, all will be finished by this weekend. I have Superman coming to help with the heavy lifting so I can get my car back into the garage. Although I might have to put him off until Monday evening. But I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Some of the work has slowed down because the painter's car broke down, and he's struggling to find someone to fix it and the head crew member has had to work OT at his regular job. His girlfriend (the packing maniac) came over Saturday and recleaned the windows. They look awesome. What she has done in my bathrooms is nothing short of a miracle! My tubs and toilets look brand new. I was thinking I was going to have to replace them because they were in such bad shape with hard water spots and build up from leaks. Everything she touches sparkles!
While unpacking, I'm seriously considering if I should keep objects or pitch them. I already have a small load to take to Goodwill. I bought some bins to put in the unusable space in one of my closets to hold things like hair accessories, extra hair spray, and things that I don't use daily. The bins have cleared the space under my sink, and it'll be easier to find things. I also bought a shoe rack that fits in my other closet. No more over-the-door shoe rack with 3 pairs in each pocket.

I'm looking for the perfect rugs for my room and the living room. I'd also like one in my "work out" room that I can do yoga and exercises on. I found several at Garden Ridge that I like. They have a bunch of rugs, 5x7 for $99, that I'm considering. Do I want flowers, geometric shapes, solid? These are hard decisions. I brought some home the other day, but I took them back. None were perfect.

Anyway, normal should be home soon.

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