Sunday, July 14, 2013

The light at the end of the tunnel

I'm getting excited again! Today I'll seal the brown trim around the perimeter and tomorrow I'll start moving the furniture back into place. The sealer won't be dry enough to slide furniture on, and hopefully, it won't still be wet enough to stick to the furniture, but I'm ready to put the furniture in place. I've been in a holding pattern for a week or so, and I'm ready to be done.

Since my last blog, the touch up painting is almost complete, and the front door knob and dead bolt have been installed. The electrician came by and found that one (or more) of the critters that have been in my attic chewed through the wire to the plugs in my kitchen. He'll be by tomorrow night to finish that up.

The drapery hardware has been installed, and the drapes were ironed and hung. Now I see that my sheers have to be matched up. We just grabbed 2 panels per window and hung them. They weren't uniform in length, so my helper rehung them so they are the same length, but the hems are different, so now I have to figure out that puzzle. I know for sure I need 4 panels of the drapes per window, so I had to order 6 more panels, which should be here in a couple of days. I love the hardware, and the drapes are pretty. I still have the hardware for the bedroom windows up, so I can hang those curtains soon, and the window above the kitchen sink still needs the hardware replaced before I can hang those curtains. I have privacy (for the most part) in the living room and library. Now that the windows are sparkling and actually clear, I think I'll see about replacing the windows that are cloudy while they're replacing the ones that are broken (the one I broke in the kitchen and one that has a b-b hole on the street side).

The landscaper came by and got my yard back in shape. We had to work out the maintenance miscommunication, which will help us move forward. I actually had someone tell me yesterday (OK, so he was a Jehovah's Witness) that he was admiring my yard. Yea!

The bookcases should be here in a week, I'm expecting the counter tops in a week or so, and as soon as I seal the brown around the perimeter of the rooms (today), I'll be able to put the furniture in place. That's what I'm waiting on - putting the furniture in place so I can actually unpack and live in my home. Currently, there's furniture, but it's all still in the middle of their respective rooms, waiting for the sealer.

The kitchen is the only room that needs the floor fixed. We had to move the range back and forth so many times while installing the microwave that the floor is scratched, so we have to restain and reseal, the shoe mould still needs to be added in the kitchen, and the brown trim still needs to be completed. The counter seems to be pretty level. I think it's an optical illusion.

Now, if only the Hallmark channels weren't running Christmas movies, I'd get sooooo much more done! I guess I could record them for when this done and I'm bored. Today, that doesn't even seem like a remote possibility.

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