Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Renovation is winding down

We're thinking we can wind up this project this weekend. I have the paint and the chalk line for the band around the perimeter of the floor. We only needed 300 feet of the quarter-round to finish it off. I called a couple places to find the lower-profile quarter-round that we wanted to put along the baseboards. They said they didn't have it.

I was on the hunt, and just in case I could find it, I asked Superman to shop with me so we could use his truck to haul it to my house. After work, we went to McCoy's and found exactly what we were looking for. We were taken to the quarter-round, and we looked at some of the other things they had, both in white and natural. That's when I realized it wasn't quarter-round that we actually wanted; it was shoe mould that we were looking for. We started counting out the unpainted pieces. Then I realized the white was already primed, so I checked them out. They were $1.20 less each! Instead of $4.59 each, they were $3.39! And we'd only have to paint it once!

We hauled them home and I feel like that was a big success! Superman finished replacing the doorknobs, and we called it a night. I made myself comfortable to watch NCIS, and before I knew it, I crashed.

I'm still surrounded by boxes at the office and here at home. At the same time, I'm finishing 2 large projects at work, and the Friends of the Library newsletter is printed and ready to go to the preparer. I have so many things on my mind that I made a big mistake when doing the final details on the newsletter. I prepared the mailing lists and completely left out those people who only supplied mailing addresses. It was a big mistake, luckily, I realized it before it was too late. I could have taken it to the preparer this evening, but I left in such a hurry to look for the trim that I forgot it. So, I'll drop it off on my way back from weighing in.

I plan to spend the weekend unpacking. Once I can push the furniture in place, and I feel like I won't have to move it again, I'm going to tear into those boxes. We packed so quickly and there's so much that I really don't want to keep, so I'll take my time. I guess that's one of the things stopping me. The few boxes I have in my room have things I really don't feel like unpacking, but I don't have any place to put them until I can unpack. It's one of those catch-22 situations. I'll probably make a few trips to Good Will over the weekend as well.

Next weekend is my grandson's first birthday party. It'll be a 'stash bash where everyone will wear a moustache. The invitations are absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, I have a wedding to coordinate about the same time, so I won't be there at the beginning. I'll probably miss the first hour, I also have Altar Guild, so I'll be on that side of town Friday night and early Saturday morning. Maybe I can stay at my daughter's and help her prepare for the party. That would make me feel better for missing some of it.

The renovation is winding down, but it doesn't seem that my life is - yet!

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