Saturday, July 20, 2013


This past week, the electrician stopped by Monday to repair the plugs in the kitchen that didn't work. The wire had been chewed in the attic, and I guess when we installed the microwave, the activity in the attic taking care of the wiring may have been just what was needed to disconnect the weak spot.

Superman came over Tuesday, and we moved all the bookcases back into the house. Then Wednesday
we moved enough boxes into the house to clear a space large enough for my car to fit into the garage.

Now, there's only one box left in my room to unpack, and the boxes in the living room and kitchen have been unpacked. There are several boxes of things to give away in the living room and my bedroom.

When I first started unpacking, I had a hard time getting started because each box contained trash, things to give away, and things that I wanted to keep. Once I had a place for each, it was easier to zip through the boxes. I have a few left in my office and the guest room. Other than that, I'm just about done.

The air bed is in the guest room, made up with my quilted bedspread. The green bedspread my son used while he was here is now on my bed. It matches the green accent wall perfectly. I just have to find curtains that go with it. The ones I had in my room before were a warm green instead of a cool green like in the bedspread, which is more relaxing. I think I'll take my time and look for something on sale (what a concept!).

I've gathered everything that hangs on the walls in one place to hang when someone else is around to help me arrange the pieces into pleasing vignettes. I have a couple of my grandfather's mounted deer horns, and I plan to use one of them by the front door as a hat rack with a small mirror below. My grandmother decorated the other set of horns with crushed egg shells, then painted it gold. She went through an eggshell phase. Practically everything was covered in crushed eggshells and painted during that phase. My mom did the same things. They were both artistic and crafty. I digress . . .

When my Dad passed away, we had a photo of him at his 80th birthday party enlarged and framed. I have that photo and one of my grandson that I want to hang. I also want to find a photo of my Mom to enlarge and hang. I used to have a grouping of family photos in the hall until July 17, 1997, (I think) when my family came over and helped me clean up, repair some things, and paint the walls (sort of a habitat for Alana). I can't believe it has already been 16 years since we did that.

I logged in 11,052 steps Saturday, emptying boxes and arranging things in the house. Then I went to a neighbor's high school graduation party, and I ended the evening with a hot bath and started this blog.

It's Sunday, and I can safely report that we only have a couple of things to do, and we're done! We've done so much this week. All the touch up painting has been done, the front door was painted, all the door knobs have been installed, the drapes have been matched up and rehung, I had to move my computer to put it on the right side of the armoire. We encountered a problem trying to use the computer my son-in-law gave me. The USB wi-fi didn't want to connect, so we put it back in the box and brought my old clunker back out. Once I got mine set up and ready to go, I found it to be the slowest, most frustrating thing to use. I mentioned to my son-in-law that we couldn't get the wi-fi to work, so he gave me the one he was using on it before he gave it to me. I haven't set it up again yet. I will soon.

We cleared out the library of the boxes that had been hanging around. I'm expecting 4 90-lb boxes of bookcases, and we'll need the room to assemble them. Bulk pickup is tomorrow, so we cleared the back yard and garage of junk. Most of it was picked up and hauled off before we knew it. There were trucks filled to the brim with metal driving through the neighborhood picking up all the metal they could find.

I can't wait until the counter tops are installed. The counter top people will need a clear path to my kitchen. There are 3 possible ways they can bring the pieces in - through the front door then the library, through the front door then the living room, or through the back door straight to the kitchen. Honestly, I hope they choose that way.

Before Friday, we have to disconnect my kitchen sink, the counter tops, and the tile on the window sill. Then we have to rebuild a platform for the granite window sill.

With all the things I did today, I logged in 15,597 steps!!! I went to church, my daughter's for a quick visit, Target, World Market, back to church to help with Altar Guild, and I was all over the house all day. WOW, I never dreamed I would move that much in a day! I can't wait to show my pedometer to the nutritionist at Perfect Solutions! Of course, she'll probably expect that at least once a week from now one. ;o)

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