Monday, February 28, 2011

Once a Wish, Now a Reality

It's small, I know, but something I put down on my New Year's resolution want list was a Kindle. I actually got a NextBook 3 about 2-1/2 weeks ago at a great price. So, listing it actually helped me get it.

Having your goals written will help achieve them. It's better than carrying them in your head. Putting it on paper helps sort things out. I'm finishing up Week 4 of my Personal Development plan, and starting Week 5, Goal Setting, this week. That's when the magic starts.

Between my Feng Shui Treasure Map and setting goals, I think big things will happen. Case in point. Until I actually wrote this goal down, I hadn't done anything, really, to achieve it. I've been saying I want to be in the Avon President's Club, but I haven't actually done anything to earn that. I heard about a book, Network Marketing for Dummies, by Zig Ziglar and John Hayes, and I ordered it from I got it Saturdeay and have already started reading it. I think it will help me get started. It won't do it for me, but it will guide me. Many of the people in the Jim Rohn organization made their money through the MLM industry, selling products and building downlines, becoming expert at Network Marketing. I believe that is how we can continue to improve our bottom line during the economic rollercoaster we're riding now. Next week I'll have been an Avon Representative for 2 years. It's been fun, and I'm ready to move up. Up until now, I've been happy building my customer base. Now it's time to build my organization. I treat this business like I'm working for Avon, when I'm actually working for myself. I ought to treat it that way. When I first joined, I did the basic training modules, then I "got busy" and haven't gone back.

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