Friday, February 4, 2011

The Richest Man in Babylon-2

What an inspiring book. I'm like many of the characters in this book. I work hard, make good money, but I can't seem to keep any in the bank.

The secret, according to Jim Rohn (whom I heard it from first) and The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason, is to put 30% of my paycheck to work. Seventy percent pays the bills and buys gas and groceries. Ten percent goes to God, 10% to savings, and 10% to investments. I already have a percentage going to investments (I don't think it's 10%), and the rest goes to pay for my lifestyle. Well, that is going to change. Now that everyone is gainfully employed in my household, I'll be able to arrange my finances so I can put something back in the bank.

Next week is payday, and it will be my first opportunity to figure out the best way to build my fortune.

I've been blessed to have a very active guardian angel who has protected me and helped me get through financial difficulties. There was a time when I was so broke I didn't know where I'd get enough gas to get to work. As I was walking to my apartment, a $5 bill was on the staircase next to my door. I picked it up and said "Thank You God" out loud. Then there was the time I was stressing out because I didn't have any money when I opened my bank savings book to check my balance and a $20 bill fell out. Again, "Thank You God!" I probably have more stories about how I foolishly wasted money or lost money. But I won't dwell on those, only on those occasions when I was blessed.

Speaking of being blessed. I worked until 10:00 last night on a section of a proposal we're preparing, and it rained with 25 degree weather. Needless to say, the roads became icy. My son was to pick me up on his way home. It took him an hour to get to my office, and I drove home from there (He was a wreck). The car was covered in ice. I kept the speed to 25, and we slipped a bit on the road. No one on the road was being careless; no one passed us. Most of the lights were green, and for the most part, it was an adventure. But we were definitely glad to be home when we finally arrived. OK, so that wasn't the blessing part. That was the guardian angel watching over me part. We didn't get home until almost 11:30 because of the icy conditions. It was 12:30 or so before I got to sleep. Here's the blessing. Here I am, it's 6:15, I've eaten breakfast and am ready to do my usual routine of dressing and going to work, expecting to drive slowly and steadily just like last night. I called the company weather hotline, and we don't have to report to work until NOON! So I'm finishing this blog, and I'm going back to bed. Yea! Again "Thank You God!"

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