Sunday, February 6, 2011

Team Players

Yesterday was an interesting day at work. It was Saturday, and 11 of us were at the office working on a proposal. I got there first and put on a pot of coffee. By the time I was ready for my second cup, the place was buzzing with people ready to work. Of the 11, 5 of us were actually from my building, and the others came prepared with food; coffee, tea and supplies; pens and highlighters; and plates and cups. They also brought their laptops and they were ready to get started.

It was fun working with a different group of people. I've known them many years because of other proposals we've collaborated on. My department is doing the document preparation and printing. The others are supplying the information, editing, food, and moral support.

The 12 hours I worked flew by. Everyone got along so well. We really got a lot done, mainly because no one wanted to work on Super Bowl Sunday.

I managed to bring the document I was working on (162 pages) home to look over. I'll give it a quick glance because 2 others are looking at it more critically. I saw several typographic errors when I was formatting it, so I know it needs a onceover.

Today I plan to finish The 12 Pillars and start Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn. Plus I'll give the proposal document a look and Week 2 of the 1-Year Personal Development plan.

So, I best get started ;O)

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