Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday I stayed at the office to catch up on a job I'm working on and made arrangements for my son to pick me up. The temperature was 25 degrees, and it was raining. Consequently, the streets were icy, and he had a hard time driving to get me. He said cars were spinning around, abandoned on the road, the highway was closed, and he was terrified. When he got to my office, he got out of the car and said he was done driving. I got behind the wheel and we headed down the street, slipping on the ice. Luckily, we were only 4.5 miles from home, and I drove a steady 25 mph. We made it home with no incidents. All the other drivers were doing the same as me, and we made it home in 20 minutes.

This morning the office was closed until Noon, so I slept in to make up for the late night. I managed to get some reading in, though. I started Darren Hardy's Make This the Best Year Ever, which is about setting goals.

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