Monday, February 7, 2011

The Seasons of Life

I'm almost finished with The Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn. It is so motivating. The chapter on Spring makes me want to go out and work on my lawn, which is pretty pathetic for several reasons. Now I just have to get busy and learn how to make it beautiful again. I know it will take some time, effort, and money. All of which have been in short supply in the past few years. I'm hoping the time and resources will be available this year.

We're in the throes of a proposal at work. I'm working on the largest part of the proposal. It's about 186 pages, the rest of the proposal is about 100 pages.

Once I finish the proposal, I have a book to edit and format. Then it'll be time to edit and format the Friends of the Library newsletter, SAPLings.

Then I'll have to get everything ready to do my income taxes. It used to be easy until I started selling Avon, now I have to figure inventory and cost of goods sold and all that stuff. This year it won't be very difficult because I don't have as much inventory as last year. And I've been through it before.

Anyway, back to The Seasons of Life.

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