Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Busy, busy, busy


Sept. 27, 2021

Today I weighed 1.5 pounds more than yesterday. I feel it wasn’t what I ate, but the quantity of what I ate. Lesson learned.

I called the 866 number of the company that charged me $188 to find out that the product I ordered from FB (that isn’t doing anything for me) paying only shipping actually charges the full price for the product 2 weeks later. WHAT A SCAM! I told them I considered them a scam and hung up. A few minutes later, I noticed 2 emails letting me know they cancelled the 2 products. Apparently, they were automatically on reorder, although she said I wasn’t getting another shipment. I’m curious to see if that also issues refunds.

I had a busy day. I met David at the Home Depot near his house to get paint and supplies. The clerk at the self-checkout checked us out. So sweet.

Talked to Kaycie for a while about the dogs and family. She’s getting Katherine to watch the dogs and cat when they go to the beach Oct. 8-10. That means I’ll be working the Pipe Creek Event alone.

Took Barbara to PT. While she was being tortured, I took the towels and stuff to the Humane Society and the baby things to Pregnancy Care Center. That felt good.

David took the bus home today. I dropped him off at Broadway and McArthur. Because of the huge line of traffic going back home on Wetmore, I went to Nacogdoches and zipped right back home.

Ate ½ of the sausage I got at the Pearl Farmer’s Market and it made me sick! Took three Tums to tame the tum.

FINALLY got the Halloween sets in the mail today!!! Some of them are out of stock. But more will come back, Kaycie said.

Wednesday will be Winning Wednesday. I’m playing a Find the Squirrels game on my VIP page. I hope it goes well. The next one will be a battleship game that I’ve been dying to play.

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