Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Great Day with Daisy


Sept. 25, 2021

I had the best day today. I dropped off the bag of shredding this morning, then I headed to Daisy’s. I had the box of stamps that she took off my hands, a Starbucks card that she won, her early birthday present, and my 2011 vision book. The only plans we had included going to the Blingfest and lunch. We decided to go to Starbucks on the way. I ordered the Americano with heavy cream like Alyssa gets when she goes there, and Daisy got the Passion Fruit drink.

Since I’ve been busy with David and decluttering this week, I thought I might get birthday gifts for Jan, Julie, and Marie at the Blingfest. They aren’t big on adornment, so I knew that would be a stretch. When we arrived at Blingfest at the Garden Center of the Botanical Garden, there was NO parking. We drove around a while and decided to do something else and go back later.

The Fiesta Store was just down Broadway a little toward town, so that was plan B. They were closed. I told Daisy, “We’re going to the Pearl!” She was so excited. She felt like we were on an adventure. We arrived at the Pearl, and the rest of San Antonio, who weren’t at the Botanical Garden was at the Pearl. They have a Farmer’s Market every Saturday and the weather was gorgeous, so it stands to reason that both those places would be PACKED! We couldn’t find a parking space, so Daisy asked an angel to help us, and OMG, there were 2 spaces for us. We walked around, and in the first shop, I found gifts for the birthday girls that were different, but appropriate.

After the Pearl, we went back toward the Blingfest and stopped at Good Time Charlie’s for lunch. I had the most amazing plate of broiled tilapia with broccoli and cauliflower with queso. DELICIOUS!

We tried Blingfest again, and there were several parking spots this time. There were some really nice vendors there. I bought a wire-wrapped/beaded cross for Karen, and 2 pairs of earrings for me – cute black & orange witches, and silver skeleton hands. Daisy bought some red and white pearl beads to go with a Frieda pendant she has.

The traffic was backed up on the flyover from 37 to 410, so we went to my house so I could show her some of my decluttering mess and the new deck. Finally, I took her home. My soul is full and very happy after spending the day with Daisy.

On the way back to my house, I stopped at Walgreen’s to pick up some makeup, birthday cards, and my prescriptions.

The dogs noticed the gate was open and twice, I had to chase them down the street. I’m MAD at David and both the dogs. I closed the gate, and they got out again. Now, I can’t trust them to stay in the yard.

I’m tired and cranky.

Because I can’t trust the dogs to stay in the yard, I followed them with a flashlight and kept an eye on them after dark. They were out exploring, and after an appropriate amount of time, I called them in. Sugar came in, and right inside the door, she showed signs of pooping on my carpet. I tried to grab her to throw her out, but she ran away (after dropping some) and did it again behind my sofa. I tried to grab her to slap her and rub her nose in it, but she got under the table in the kitchen and snarled at me. I tried to get to her and she ran away. I had to get that stuff off my carpet, so I grabbed a handful of tissues and picked up. Then I wanted to find her so I could rub it on her nose or at least smell it and say, “NO!”. I couldn’t find her. Champ, was so cute. He sat in the hallway under the chandelier looking into the boys’ room. I found her between the couch and wall. But I couldn’t get her. Then she got away again, and I looked everywhere but couldn’t find her. Then after a while, she came out, but she was different. She knew she was in trouble. I just kept giving her the “look,” and put them in the kitchen for the rest of the night. No one spoke. They didn’t ask for anything. Usually they’re whining or barking for my attention. But not after that. They pretty much cowered the rest of the night. The only other time they made a mess in my house was the first time they stayed here. I can’t have them stay again until my fence is fixed. There are too many places they can get away.

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