Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Reading to begin the development journey


August 25, 2021

Yesterday I was totally focused on finishing The Five Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle by Jim Rohn, which I did. I drank about 90 oz of water during the afternoon.

After I finished the book, I called Jan. She called me back, and we talked for a long time, catching up. I have to admit that I couldn’t understand her a lot of the time. I wonder if it was because I wasn’t wearing my hearing aids.

Today, I woke up at 5:15 and could barely move. I felt washed out. I fixed my Keto coffee and drank 2 cups. At 10, I ate breakfast and barely moved until I dragged myself to bed about 10:45 and slept until 12:30. It wasn’t a restful nap because my feet were cold – even with socks (and I can’t sleep with cold feet) and my phone rang 5 times in that time. All SPAM calls – so annoying.

My oxygen level was 96%, so I think I don’t have COVID. I think my problem is being Keto strict for 2 full days and having few carbs for energy. I texted Daisy and she suggested eating an apple. Once I ate one with a cheese stick, I felt a little better.

I sure hope I feel better tomorrow.

I have Think and Grow Rich, so I’ll read that next. When I read it 15 years ago, I was really looking for the one sentence that would unlock the secret to getting rich. A few years, I realized it was “thinking.”

I’m looking for a doctor to see about my hands. There’s a sharp pain below the thumb that I’m afraid may affect my grasping heavy objects like a full coffee pot. It hurts when I lift Luke as well. I guess I’ll go to Dr. Harr for a referral.

Not much to say today because I only laid around the first half of the day.


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