Thursday, October 21, 2021

Windows Decision Made

I've been thinking about the quote for the windows that I received yesterday. $26+ K is a bit steep for me. It would deplete so much of my funds. I called the rep from the company who came out 2 weeks ago and requested his quote. It was less than half of the second, the warranty is 20 years like the other company. I decided to go with the first company. That meant I had to call the second company to let him down gently. I'm getting pretty good at this . . .

Nov. 1, Olshan will come out to adjust the piers.
Dec. 1, City Fence will replace my fence.
Jan. 1,  Fix the walls and paint.
            Replace the toilets.
Feb. 1, Replace the floors.

My house is still clean and neat!

My visit with Dr. Sioco this morning went well. I weighed 2 pounds more than my last visit, my blood pressure was pretty good. I discussed my meds and supplements with him. He seems to be impressed with the changes I'm making. He told me my heart was strong, and it is just like it was in 2016! That's good news!

I finally got a handle on The Billet today and completed most of it. The stories were so jumbled and confusing. After I sent an email to Nick complaining about it, I decided to knuckle down and plow through the files one at a time until I had something to publish. Now I have to wait for Nick to bless it so I can publish it and bill for it.

The SAPLings is ready too. I updated the FOSAPL website with the info from the current newsletter. Once I get a draft to approve to print, I can count that one done and bill for it.

The next thing I have to do is move the PDFs of the SAPLings from my old website to their weebly website.

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