Wednesday, October 20, 2021

More decluttering


Sept. 13, 2021

I worked in my office until 1:00 this morning straightening up the Color Street wall. It looks great! I also managed to get the speakers to work with my PC! Daisy wants the rubber stamps I’m giving away.

The first thing I did today was call Dr. Harr’s office (several times because they don’t actually open at 8:00 like the recording says) to cancel my Telemed appointment for today. My foot was hurting Friday, so I assumed it was my gout acting up again, but by the end of the day, there was no pain.

The Get Organized HQ Virtual conference started at 8:00, and I was there. While I was watching, I started straightening up the Publishing wall in my office. I recycled and shredded enough paper and receipts to fill my recycle bin! The good news is I emptied 4 containers. I also boxed more books from my library. I have at least one more box of books to pack.

I learned so much watching the videos today!

Tomorrow I’ll tackle the publishing desk, register for Grandparents’ Day at the big boys’ school and have lunch at Alamo Café with Nancy!

Wednesday is the Grandparents’ Day activity, and I’ll take Barbara to PT. Then Thursday afternoon, Pat Finley and I will take the boxes of books to Brook Hollow Library! I’ll probably see if I can take the rubber stamps to Daisy Sunday because I’m getting the boys after school on Friday and I’m babysitting them Saturday night. Maybe we can meet halfway Saturday.

Declutter Diva


Last week or so, I donated 100 blouses and tops. No wonder I couldn't jam anything else into my closet.

I have 12 boxes of books that will go to the library Thursday afternoon.

Last night I reorganized my Color Street corner; I didn't get to bed until 1 AM.

At 8:00 AM this morning, I started recycling old documents and shredded receipts and documents dating back to 1978. There were receipts from Joske's and Montgomery Ward (remember them?). I finally finished at 7:00 this evening. My small recycle bin is packed with shredded paper. I assume I'll be picking up strips of paper off the street Thursday after pickup.

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