Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Week One

August 23, 2021

While in Las Vegas, I met Shirley who had the booth next to ours. I didn’t discuss her business with her until the last few minutes of the Expo we were working. She has a “shop” that does Cryo T-Shock treatments to help people reshape their bodies. In addition to the treatments, she’s a big proponent of Keto. After we returned home, she was on my mind a lot. I finally found her business card and immediately emailed her. She was interested in Color Street and thought her daughter might be interested in joining the company.

By the time I contacted her, she had already had several text conversations with Kaycie about Color Street and about joining. Kaycie called to see if I wanted to enroll Shirley. I passed because she had done all the hard work. I was interested in developing a relationship with Shirley because of her business. She researched companies closer to home that does what she does, but Dallas is the closest that does T-Shock. Because I trust Shirley, I made the decision I’d go to Las Vegas for treatments.

Shirley called me yesterday and we talked about Cryo T-Shock, nutrition, Keto, my traveling to Las Vegas, and all sorts of things for an hour. I feel like I have a bright future ahead.

I immediately decided to adopt the Keto lifestyle and ordered some of the products she recommended. I also ordered a couple of books about Keto, so I’d know exactly what it is. I even exercised for about 5 minutes. I did the Nordic-Trak – legs first, then arms. It was a chance to get my heart rate up and move. I figured if I do them separately for a while, I’d build up enough stamina to do both soon.

I started reading The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle, and it’s very enlightening so far. All my life, I had adopted the philosophy that if it’s difficult, I wouldn’t attempt it. Very few times in my life have I worked for anything. I worked hard to put food on the table as a single parent, I worked hard to complete college with honors, I worked hard to earn Distinguished Toastmaster, and I worked hard to develop the Internet marketing department. Other than that, I have been very laid back and let things happen as they may.

Even in retirement, I basically just laid back and relaxed the first 3 years. Year 1, I took a road trip to Florida. Year 2, I went to Coushatta with Jannalyn & Julian, a trip to Paris, and another road trip to Florida when my son got married. Year 3, I had to cancel 2 cruises that were planned because of the pandemic.

I’m beginning year 4, and I want it to be different. I want to do something besides watch TV and my grandsons. I want to be active, walk in the park, bowl, visit with friends, develop friendships like I used to have. I want to do things with my grandsons, not just watch them. Then, when I travel, I won’t complain so much about stairs and having to walk.

The future is full of possibilities. Dare I dream about what my new retired life can be?

To have a friend, you have to be a friend, right? I set my alarm for 7:00 every night to remind me to take time to call a friend. Today I called Cindy and left a message. Her health hasn’t been good for several years, and she’s on dialysis now. I get nervous when they don’t answer the phone. Then I called Pat from church. I talked to her for a few minutes and found out her legs gave out while in the bathroom. She crawled to the phone and called her daughter who brought some cranberry juice.  That helped her. I called Laura and left a message. She called me back, and we talked for 1-1/2 hours! We’ve been friends since 2005, and I’ve pulled away several times. She calls me to keep in touch.

Tomorrow I’ll call Daisy and Jan.

In addition to this course, I plan to follow the Keto eating plan and become a certified organizational expert.


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