Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Daily grind


Sept. 29, 2021

Today is Daddy’s birthday.

Rich Bond, the general manager of Olshan came today to look at the house and take measurements. He said 11 piers will need to be adjusted and maybe dug down a bit more. I should see a difference about 60 days after.

David didn’t come yesterday. Today I picked him up after Rich left. He is working on making the deck look perfect. He dug down around the perimeter of the deck so the lattice skirting will be below the surface to keep critters from getting under the deck. I sure hope it works. It’s costing me a fortune. All the furniture is on the deck, and it looks GREAT! There will be some lattice left over, so we’ll put it on the fence between the 2 kitchen windows again. I like that little bit of extra privacy. I hope Gabe and Kristine don’t mind.

The TVs in my office and bedroom went out, so I got 2 from Walmart. $380, not bad. Picked them up today and plan to put them together tomorrow.

When I took Barbara to PT today, I saw Frank Tapia in the parking lot. I worked with him for 40-1/2 years. He looks great! He dropped off his wife Rose. I saw her in the waiting room, so we chatted off and on. A guy, who looks very familiar, has been coming in just about every time I’ve taken Barbara. He looked like someone I’ve worked with at SwRI, but I couldn’t remember his name. Today his therapist called him by his name – Eric. He’s Eric Dornes, the first website client I had in 1999! I’ll talk to him Monday when he comes in.

I’ve been dying to play a “Find the Squirrel” game on my VIP page. So I set it up for tonight. It was a lot slower going than I expected. Clara was there from the beginning. She guessed numbers all around the actual numbers that had the squirrels. Judy Brucks guessed one time and got a squirrel. Daisy tried about 3 times and got a squirrel. Then Carol tried 2 times and got a squirrel. I felt sorry for Clara. It took a LOT longer than I expected.

I met the big boys at the corner yesterday. I forgot my phone, so I thought I’d ask Echo to call Kaycie to let her know we were there safe and sound, but their internet was out. No TV, no phone. I talked the boys into playing Uno with me again, and Tyson won the game. It took 3 rounds of playing for someone to finally hit 500 points!

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