Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Week Three


Week Three

Sept. 10, 2021

Questions for Reflection:

Q. If your level of success is determined by what kind of person you are, then what kind of person are you?

Although I protest and say I don’t, I like to learn new things. Although I say I’m a lover not a fighter, I am up for a challenge. I was a single parent while I finished my college degree. It took years of determination, dedication, and strength. Those were the 10 toughest years of my life.

Q. What can you do to become a better person?

Get over myself. I’m always worrying about what people will think, that I might make a mistake and make a fool of myself.

So what? What if I make a mistake, what if I look foolish? At least I’m moving forward and learning from my mistakes.

Q. How can you attract a higher level of success?

Instead of watching TV or playing games on my phone, I can attract a higher level of success by filling my head with lessons from great teachers like Jesus Christ, Jim Rohn, and Zig Ziglar.

Q. Are you currently working for wages or for profits? Are you making a living or making your fortune? What can you do to get going in the right direction?

Currently, I’m retired dabbling in publishing and direct sales. I’m not really doing much with either. If I did put effort into either, I could make profits.

Q. Do you tend to want to change the seasons or yourself? How does this affect your situation?

I definitely wish to change the seasons. “It’s too hot to walk, garden, etc. I’ll do it when it’s cooler.”

Q. Think of the darkest winter you have experienced. Looking back, what good things did you learn or what good things came from it?

My darkest winter was the 10 years I was in college with the kids and working overtime. I struggled every day to maintain my crazy schedule, make sure the kids were fed and nurtured, and keep up with the demands at work.

Q. Think of your best fall. What was it like? What did you reap? What will your next great fall look like?

After graduation, I was in charge of a new project at work. It was challenging, but I loved it. I got to meet so many people who considered me the guru of web marketing. I loved it. That lasted about 18 years.


Action Points:

1.         Take a good realistic look at the relationships you have and how they affect you. Make specific movement toward limiting a life-depleting relationship and specific movement toward growing a life-giving relationship.

Because of our unique situation of being in a pandemic for 17 months, I have limited my association with MANY people. I have only kept contact with folks who feed me or I can feed.

2.         Initiate contact and pursue a relationship with at least one person this week who is more successful than you are. Set up a time to meet with them to get to know them and learn from them.

This might have to take some thought. I am not ready to get out there yet. I’ll think about who I would like to pursue. The one person I know isn’t a good person to have a relationship with because of our checkered past.

Although, if I want to pursue publishing, a good person to get to know is Lyn. Lyn has actually offered to buy me lunch.

3.         Think through what influences you: what kind of music, what speakers, what television shows, and what books. Are they good for you? If not, make the commitment to eliminate or limit those associations!

Since I retired, I’ve spent too much time in front of a TV and playing games on my phone. I’ve started several books, but another comes along, and I start that one instead of finishing the one I’m reading. My goal is to complete the books I’ve started by the end of this one-year course.

4.         Allow someone to "speak the truth" to you. Take some time to allow a friend or co-worker to give you good honest feedback that would be helpful in moving you forward.

Kaycie speaks the truth to me. Sometimes it hurts, but she’s wise and honest.

Sept. 12, 2021 update:  I’ve recruited Laura Vela and Daisy Thames to do this course with me so we could be accountability partners. This will be AWESOME!

A Look Forward to CD Three, your recommended listening assignment for Week Three from The Jim Rohn New Millennium program:

Zig Ziglar Teaches:

           Surviving in a tough economy

           How to change what and where you are by what goes into your mind

           How to get more of what money will and will not buy

           Quality of life

           Being a giver


           How to improve relationships


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