Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Saturday of getting some things done


Sept. 11, 2021

The day started out as a usual Saturday. My schedule included getting water from the water store and running to Sprouts with a virtual lunch with Laura and later a virtual get together with Jan, Diane, Sonia, Julie, and Marie.

I called David while I was on the way home from the store to see if he wanted to come by to get my bed rails to have them shortened. He said he was available.

Laura and I visited for an hour. It was so good to visit with her. I think I’ll try to set up something like that with other friends as we continue to go through this pandemic/self-imposed quarantine. I invited her to do the Jim Rohn one-year success plan with me, and she accepted. I sent the first 4 emails to her and told her I’d wait for her. I’m hoping that wasn’t a mistake. In the meantime, I’ll read and declutter.

I picked up David about 2:30 and we walked through the house to show him the deck and what needs to be done out there. He and I took the bed apart so he could take the rails. Then he started on the kitchen faucet that has been turning itself off since last year. I didn’t have the correct core puller, so I looked for a YouTube video showing how to replace the core. All we found was something that showed how to remove some of the pieces, which helped David get to the core. That’s when we discovered the faucet was a Kohler, not a Moen. All the parts I got were for Moen, so we headed to Home Depot with those parts to see if we could exchange them. Yay! Success! We found the correct part and while David fixed the faucet, I was able to visit with the girls. Sonia didn’t make it because she was with her parents. Diane was there with her grandbaby. So cute! I got David home about 6:45 and ran home to eat dinner before it was too late.

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