Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Shred Day tomorrow!


Sept. 25, 2021

I woke up early this morning, washed and fixed my hair, dressed, and was watching the news when they announced a shred opportunity at the Doris Griffin Senior Center by Ingram Mall. Just yesterday, I saw all the old receipt boxes from who knows when to 2019 in the garage. So, I opened the garage door and hauled them all in to sort through. That's what I'm going to do today -- sort through these boxes so I can take them tomorrow. So excited about God's timing! While gathering those boxes, I found a VCR and 2 boxes of VHS tapes and a box of CD cases.

This is how my living room looks today while I sort through the boxes. 1 large leaf bag for recycling, 1 large leaf bag for shredding, a box for trash, and a smaller box for those things I can't get rid of yet. There will also be a small box for donations because it's mostly shredding.

There are a few boxes left of things I couldn’t get rid of. But, there are several empty boxes stacked behind the sofa. The leaf bag in the foreground was VERY heavy with shredding, and the other was full of recycles. My sister visited a few minutes while I was sorting through the boxes and putting things in the bags. As I saw some momentos, I showed them to her. We had a good visit.

David helped me haul out the bags – one in the trunk and one in the recycle bin.

I feel like I’m losing momentum. It’s time to move the empty boxes out of the house so I can see what’s what.

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