Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Busy -- updates


Sept. 9, 2021

The weather was perfect for a walk this morning. I dressed and walked .44 miles. This isn’t much, but it’s a start.

I tried to turn on my laptop, but it died. I ordered another at Best Buy for $289. Again, when I tried to turn on the TV in my office, it didn’t want to turn on. I’ve been thinking of moving it to the guest room for the boys. I’ll have to get a Roku for it. Then, maybe the boys will want to spend the night.

House Updates:
Joe Castillo, a carpenter, is working on changing my deck from a hot tub space to just a deck. We had a few miscommunications, and he finished it today. It’s almost time to get David involved so he can paint and help me figure out how to protect the bottom to keep critters out. I’ve thought about putting an electric fence around the perimeter of my yard to keep critters out of my yard. I’ll talk to Oscar about his feelings about the electric fence.

It dawned on me that I have the cash handy, why not pay off the 2 little loans I have at SwRCFCU so I can save more than $500 a month. Then, if I choose, I can buy a $30K car.

Color Street:
I watched a Tuesday training that featured Shannon Kaeding discussing events. Again, I learned more about what makes an event a success.

Today our Halloween sets launched. I bought the 6 sets in the collection and 2 of the foundation sets, Brave and Bold. One of my customers also bought B3G1. By the time I updated my email list and sent out an email, one of the sets sold out!

Set up posts for Friday & Saturday. Friday will have a floral sale and Saturday will have a memorial for 9/11, a post about requesting samples, and a Guess How Many.


On Labor Day, I got a text from Nancy asking if Lyn had sent the email with the link to the newest issue of the SAPLings. After several emails and some finger pointing, we finally figured it out and on Wednesday, Sept. 8, the email finally went out. I did not receive a copy of the printed newsletter, which is disappointing. As the editor, I have to know when the newsletter reaches homes.

Today I updated the home page of the website to replace the Arts & Letters nominations call with the Johnston Library 40th anniversary celebration.


On Tuesday, I received an email from the President Doug Johnson telling us that we need to update the info about the next meeting. Later that day, I received an email from Brian with the updated meeting info. Today I sent an email reminding the officers that it’s time to submit articles for The Billet. They seem to be floundering without John. I guess I’ll have to be more hands on like I am with FOSAPL.

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