Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Keto and Friends


August 28, 2021

My life has changed A LOT since last weekend when I started the One-Year to Success Plan.

I mean, I almost don’t recognize myself. I don’t watch TV. Most of the time the last couple of days, my house has been silent. Today I’ve had Alexa playing instrumental music all day. I started to watch TV, but it’s all shows I’ve seen before, and I’m not interested in the others.

For my reading, I’m alternating between Keto Diet and Think and Grow Rich. I’ve discovered that using my reading glasses has helped more than I imagined. I’m able to read comfortably without holding my glasses the whole time.

Yesterday I watched a CS training video about events. She mentioned that there was an event workshop at the annual conference in July and the videos were online until Aug. 31. I also watched that video. Both had GREAT info. Then, this evening, I got an email from a friend, Billie Ford, asking for vendors for the Pipe Creek VFD BBQ Oct. 10! I, of course, said YES! The Holy Spirit is watching over me! This evening, I ordered 2 black table cloths, 2 rose gold (like Tokyo Lights) table runners, a 10x10 pop-up canopy, a trunk to keep everything, plastic sleeves, a toilet flush lever, melatonin, a thing Tyson wants, and more USB Samsung phone chargers. I seem to have lost one since our trip to Las Vegas.

Visited with Jan, Marie, and Julie in our every other Saturday evening Zoom call. We’ve done this since last May! It’s been nice getting to know each of the ladies. Two were not on the call – Sonia and Diane, who retired yesterday. Julie took a road trip to Sarasota Florida, camping along the way. Jan and Charlie did a major league baseball tour. Jan developed something with her Vagus nerve and ended up in the hospital with a black eye, possible broken nose. She’s all right now. Charlie, on the other hand, has the flu.

I told them about our trip to Las Vegas and how I started out the weekend as Kaycie’s mom and ended up as a helpless old lady in her eyes.

I’ve been following the Keto Diet plan, 70-20-10 (sort of) and I’ve lost 1 pound since Monday. Today I started tracking Fats, Carbs, and Proteins to see how I’m doing. I have to work on having foods on hand that have a balance of those nutrients.

My library bookcases are looking so good. I’m still reorganizing the books and decorative items that have been added. I moved some things from the mantle to the shelves, photos that were on the divider between the kitchen and living room are there as well. I printed some photos of the boys to frame too because I don’t have as many of Luke as Rex and Ty. I also put most of Rex’s artwork in plastic sleeves in a 3-ring binder. Unfortunately, I ran out of sleeves – more have been ordered.

I received the photo boxes I ordered to keep my inventory in. The nails fit in them very well. I’m moving the nails from the plastic bins that they didn’t quite fit in to the photo boxes. I may have to get large rubber bands to keep them closed and to organize the nail packages for events. Next order with the rubber bands will be a Kindle to use at events.

It was time to learn more about the conflict in Afghanistan, so I Googled the difference between Isis and the Taliban. I feel more informed and not quite as scared as I was before. There’s still too much unrest there. I pray for the world.

I’m also quarantining until the COVID numbers come down to below 100 a day. We have a way to go.

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