Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Happy Birthday, Jan!


Sept. 26, 2021

Today is Jan’s birthday! She hosted a swimming party because 2 others of our group had birthdays this month – Marie Sept. 15, Julie, Sept. 24, and Jan, and Diane retired the end of August. I bought birthday gifts for the 3 birthday girls and had them wrapped and ready to go. I texted Jan to ask her what I should get Diane for a retirement gift. She told me not to bring gifts. I pulled the birthday cards out of the packages and took only the cards. EVERYONE else brought gifts. The gifts I got them weren’t cheap, and they were thoughtful. Jan told everyone what happened. I told them I’d save them for Christmas.

She ordered enchiladas, fajitas, and all the trimmings. I passed on the alcohol, I ate my weight in nuts, but I passed on the tortilla chips. Then the enchiladas arrived without the fajitas, so I made a little davy dip with the queso, chile, and guacamole, and put it on some cheese crackers (crackers made with gouda cheese). She sent Charlie to another Mexican restaurant nearby for the fajitas. And they were delicious. I ate fajitas, and I was stuffed. Then when they had cake, I ate more fajitas. That way, I was eating and having a good time instead of just watching them eat carrot cake (one of my absolute favorites), vanilla pudding, and ice cream. I drank water all day. They had margaritas and Jello shots. I kept telling them that I just started losing weight and I didn’t want to mess it up. And I didn’t feel deprived.

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