Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Following up after Vegas and Keto


August 26, 2021

Today I felt MUCH better. I woke up about 6:15 and weighed 212.1!!! I’ve lost a little more than 1 pound in the 3 days I’ve been Keto.

Yesterday, after drinking those 90 oz. of water, I peed my pants three times. I couldn’t hold it as long as I usually can. This means I need to strengthen my core.

I had texted Daisy yesterday asking if she had an app on her phone that measured her oxygen and if so, had she compared it to her oximeter. She texted that she did, and it was 2% off. So, my 96% was good!

Then early this morning I texted her to find out if she wanted the 4 samples she won on my VIP page to be a mix or all the same. We texted back and forth. Then she asked for me to pray for her because she was giving an impromptu presentation to the heads of her organization this morning at 9:00. I texted a prayer to her and prayed for her several times. Afterward, she said someone told her she hit it out of the park! I was so happy I almost cried!

Kaycie called to let me know she had heard from Trese Harris whom we met in Vegas. Trese wanted to order nails. It was my turn, so I called her and took her order. Shortly after that, I received a JotForm that Sheila Morris wanted samples. I’m trying to establish if Trese told Sheila about the nails (I’m pretty sure she did. Trese seems to have told several ladies.) so Trese could get her free set and Sheila would get her free shipping. Sheila isn’t very communicative. Anyway, the samples are ready to mail in the morning! I’m also going to send a catalog to Trese! I followed up with her in an email suggesting I open an affiliates link for her where she could earn free nails, or she could join and earn 25% of her purchases.

I also sent a follow up email to Kason (the doctor in the booth on the other side of us at the Expo in Las Vegas) to see what his wife thought about the sets he bought for her.

I joined the Compass Wellness FB group (Alyssa Rogers) earlier this week. There’s so much info about the Keto plan. Alyssa posted the meal she had at Alamo Café. It looked so good that I had to have it. I ordered it online and picked it up Curbside. It was delicious! I should have split it into 3 meals. I’m stuffed from having the second half this evening. I’m too full actually.

Eating in only an 8-hour span hasn’t been as difficult as I expected. I drink two Keto coffees after awakening and then eat breakfast at 10 followed by lunch about 1:30 or 2 with dinner about 5:30. I want to be finished by 6. The first couple of nights and mornings were tough, but I’m adjusting. Seeing a weight loss helps!

Yesterday, I received the 2 Keto books I ordered. The info in one of them has been very helpful! It’s full of recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, etc. Just what I need to get started.

The other talks more about the health benefits. Both are good resources for more info about Keto.

Nancy called me today about FOSAPL stuff, and we ended up talking about both of us being on the Keto plan. I followed up with an email to her with the Compass Wellness group FB link to her.

Now to get back to reading!

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