Wednesday, October 20, 2021

What to do with a Mink


Sept. 23, 2021

What to do with a mink

I found my mother's mink coat in a tattered suitcase yesterday! It's a dark brown ranch mink that she bought about 4 months before she died in 1985. My dad gave it to me shortly after. About that time, all the ruckus was raised about real furs and I was afraid to wear it.

I did have it cleaned and stored at Morris Kaye & Sons over one summer. Then, I put it away. I read that you don't want to put plastic over a fur, so I put it somewhere else. I even forgot where that was. Thirty years later, I was surprised when I saw it yesterday. I tried it on and found out it shrank in the suitcase! Never store fur in a suitcase!

What to do? I thought about tossing it in the pile for Salvation Army. There's a Too Good to be Threw store across 281 from me; I thought about taking it there. Then I went to Morris Kaye & Sons website and found that they restyle furs. I'll take it there to check out what they can do with it and how much that will cost.

I'll keep you informed.

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