Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Lots of stuff


             Oct. 14, 2021

Geez, I’ve been so busy since the last time I wrote here. I’ll start with some of the things I wrote the last time and go from there.

The funeral reception was really nice. People didn’t eat much, so there was a lot of food left. I had little blocks of cheese and meats. One of the meats was a jalapeno cheese sausage that was really spicy hot! We put it on a tray with Pepper Jack cheese. Surprisingly, that was the one most people ate from! There were just a few bits left. I was hoping I’d get to take the leftover cheese and meats home, but someone took out all the toothpicks and packed the leftovers in a big ziplock bag. Twice I had it in my hand. I could have said I’d take it home, but I didn’t. That’s OK!

I love listening to Dana K. White’s podcasts! She has so many great ideas and topics that are good to know about.

I got to work! It goes to my new website. I’m hoping to be able to incorporate all 3 of my businesses there. My company is Alana Woods Products and Services now. I plan to head downtown soon to do a formal dba. Then I can do more with PayPal and the bank.

Katie and I did the Pipe Creek event with a lot of success! I learned a few things – QR codes aren’t for everyone! I had too many signs. We have to remind ladies to enter the drawing. Katie and I both put a sample on ladies. I learned how to chat while applying the sample. It’s fun to visit with the shoppers!

I Zoom met with Alyssa on Sept. 28, which changed a lot of things for me. I was gaining and gaining until then. She and I discussed the supplements I take, and she mentioned some things that are included in them that aren’t good. After our call, I checked my supplements and found many of them had those bad ingredients. She has substitutes for each of them. While I had all the supplements out of my med bag, I noticed there were only 6 prescriptions in the bag – there should have been 7! That’s when I realized I wasn’t taking the Furosemide! No wonder I was gaining. My legs were swollen every night! Once I started taking the Furosemide again, the weight started dropping off (all water, of course), and the actual loss began! I am glad I decided to go with her for 3 months. She checks in with me daily, and we’ll have a 1-hour visit this coming Monday.

The Friends of the Library is still plugging along. I made several changes to the website for them and I’m in the last stages of approval for the newsletter.

STC-HPS is going through a change of leadership for The Billet and website. It’s slipping deadline wise. I tried to get started early, but by the time they started getting things to me, other deadlines took over my time. I’m back on it tomorrow!

One of the reasons I haven’t been here in a while is I’ve had David here doing projects. The deck has been reconfigured and painted. He put a plastic lattice along the skirt, but after talking to a guy who gave an estimate to replace the fence, I realize the holes in the lattice are too large. A skunk will still be able to get under the deck! I wish I talked to him a week earlier. We could have put chicken wire behind the lattice. Because it has been completely done, we may just glue some smaller pieces offset enough to make the holes smaller.

I have 3 estimates to redo my fence. The guy who butchered my desk estimated $4000, Colton estimated $5,078, and City Fence estimated $5,378. I think I’ll go with City. I talked to Bobby next door, and he’ll pitch in $1,000 for our common fence.

I also had a window company come by today to give an estimate for replacing all my windows. I’d also like to have the front door sidelights replaced.

Once the fence has been replaced, I’ll call the landscaper who did the front yard to add flower beds to the backyard. We’ll put a hard landscape border along the flowerbed in the front and along the fenceline. It’s the only thing I can figure out to do to keep the critters out of my yard.

I took Rex and Tyson to the library today. Ty DID NOT want to go. He kept saying it wasn’t gonna happen. I bribed him with a milk shake afterward. Once we got there, he found a book and actually started reading it in the library. Then a Librarian pointed out a scavenger hunt in the children’s area. He and Rex really got involved. There was a group of all the little boys there helping each other find the items. Tyson really liked that. Then we drove to Sonic and they were so slow to respond to the button that I decided to go to the one Rex was talking about. But we couldn’t find it. Kaycie called, and I asked her where it was. We weren’t even in the right neighborhood! But, eventually, I found it. Before long, the boys were reading and it got so quiet in the car.

I stopped by Bill Miller for BBQ on the way home and had that for dinner. The brisket was melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

The supplements I ordered from Naturally Nourished arrived today and so did the Re-Lyte. I’m hoping that will help with leg cramps. I realized I don’t salt my food, and that is probably why my legs cramp in the morning. I started drinking a cup of salt water to help that. It did so far.

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